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Bloody than ever in new Mortal kombat

Since the 1990s, the violent content of the Mortal Combat has led to criticism and condemnation. But the series of battles survived and continued to thrive. When the eleventh part is released, it's usually much worse – it's always been part of the series' DNA, says Netherrealm developer Matt Burke.

Few video games are as infamous as Mortal Kombat (MK). In the early 1990s, the series of battles with their bloody endings in the fights, "fatalities", caused frightening sobs.

"We're talking about video games that glorify violence and teach kids to enjoy the worst forms of cruelty imaginable," said the US Senator. Joe Lieberman 1993.

This was the starting point for the introduction of age limits, and MK was accused of leading to violence even in real life.

Almost parody

But the Mortal Kombat survived despite – or possibly thanks to – the controversy. On days, the eleventh game was released in the main series, where "fatalities" as usual are present.

Their idea is to give the victorious fighter the opportunity to give a final kick, a stroke or a combination against his defeated opponent. Through special button combinations, you can start a grotesque execution sequence that usually contains worn-out body parts and all kinds of spatters.

Ed Boon, one of the creators behind Mortal kombat, says in a video interview with Noclip that the worse, the better:

"But it must not be realistic. It's not something anyone can imagine repeating. They are so ridiculous. The fact that we have made eleven games in which they have become worse and worse, makes us so far apart in the stratosphere. It's almost like a parody nowadays.

Matt Burke, who worked on the story of the game and sequencing, tells TT that players appreciate them.

– I would not say they are driving the MK, but it was always part of the DNA of the series. Sometimes I think they are assigned a lot of importance.

Matt Burke agrees that it matters with the humorous tone.

It's probably what helped MK survive for 25 years.

Starting with the end

The development work with Mortal kombat XI started with only one "fatality", in this case the Scorpions, a hunting that has existed since the original game.

"People send e-mails where they write," That would not be nice to do. " Next, we create an image script that follows the steps. We wanted to try out a new blood system and we came to the slow-motion sequence as a conclusion, says Matt Burke.

The first "fatality" sets the tone of the game and, based on it, the game itself is built. For another reason, "Mortal kombat" survived the constant changes.

– We try to make every "MK" look like a whole new game. Only from the last game, we have a new system for objects, variable shapes and we always try to improve graphics and design, "says Matt Burke.

Under the violent surface, there is also a balanced game system. Where the previous MKX game was based on melancholy, the river offers a little more distance, reflection and tactics. The gauges of the game have been basically redesigned, where there is now an offensive attack, one for defense and one's own life meter, where the player can make powerful combinations when he drops below 30 percent.

Selecting movements

Each playable character can be redesigned and the player can vary their weapons and give them different bonuses.

"In this game we allow all players to have a set of moves to choose from, so you can build your own character depending on how you want to play the game," says Burke.

TT: What is the most difficult part of playing a fighting game?

– The balance is the hardest to come by. When you have dozens of playable characters that work very differently but have to work on the same system and are considered fair. We've become very good at it, but it's still the hardest to come by, says Matt Burke.

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