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Daniel Norgren.

Photograph: Jessica Gow / TT

Daniel Norgren.

It's been almost four years since the last, but now Daniel Norgren is back with a new full-time and with a message.

After two well tuned and slightly shaken early songs, the rhythm is spoiled with the blues "Dandelion time" and then follows a series of really strong tracks. The somewhat vulnerable and special voice of Daniel Norgren is this time supported by a whole band, which makes the sound bigger. The influences of gospel, country and blues are clearly heard and Norgren fans recognize themselves.

The lyrics are generally positive, encouraging – with a touch of melancholy in the country. But it's a happy album. In fact, it seems Daniel Norgren is really in love when he wrote several songs. "The day just started" is a direct romantic tribute and may well become a royal wedding classic.

Norgren has released two full-length albums in 2015 and has not been lazy since. But to wait four years with the next album feels, with "Wooh dang" in the hands, as a wise decision. Each track on the album has an obvious place.

The singer / songwriter

Daniel Norgren

Title: "Wooh dang"

Label: Superpuma


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