Saturday , October 23 2021

All children receive a free vaccine study


All children receive a free vaccine study – praised – Smålands-Tidningen



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When the stable for the third time was subjected to robbery, Camilla Johansson of Hestra saw no further work in her life. The great support from outside made her appear in other thoughts. Now she and the others expect the recurring robber walks to end.
"We have to get together and try to solve this.

The Eksjönejden hunters' association gathers everyone with an interest in hunting and hunting care. Members are more than happy to get up and get involved.
Everything we do here is based on non-profit work, says President Sven Rylander.

This autumn, the Eksjö Culture Festival will be staged for the third consecutive year. The municipal associations have already begun to denounce their interests.
"It seems to be growing every year," says cultural director Thomas Hanzen.

Every week, a crowd of people gather in the future Form to conduct a training in a common squad. Here, trainers come together to overcome their own prejudices and uncertainties about going to the gym.
– The first time I felt everyone was watching me, but I quickly realized that everyone has a lot to do with it, says Malin Ländin, initiator of the personal trainer training group Jessica Wadell.

Every week, Anette Albinsson waits for how many cookies she will bake. But she always takes a little more, because most of the time she goes into a new order for her newly launched cupcake bouquets.

There is a legitimate concern at the Nässjö golf club that its beautiful course will be exposed to damage during the dark hours. Up to 20 boars were observed on the hooks.

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