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Zidane: One day comes when you do not. I get it. But, you do not want …

Real is the second consecutive time since Ziedine Zidane returned to the bench, but he missed the goal. In the suburbs of Madrid, he had to recognize the strength of retiree Ray Vallecano. The Frenchman did not resent the defeat of the galaxy on the bank of defeat, but resented the approach and desire of the majority in the first position.

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Zinedine ZidanePHOTO: AP

Rayo Vallecano is in the second league, but managed to beat the Real rival before 22 years ago. Rayo celebrated for the first time after fourteen races against the galactic. He had a great deal of help in the opponents' players, who were, to say the least, untouched. Although Real played with a line of support, there was not even a team in the team Karima Benzemaja, who has scored the last eight goals for Real Madrid, is a volatile game in opinion Zinedina Zidana strictly forbidden. "Absolutely nothing we did. It was a complete zero in all segments of the football game. It's a shame for the club."went to AS no hair on the Zidane trainer. Real against Ray was the tenth biggest loss of the season. No one in the club can remember when it was the last time something happened … "The days come and a game comes when you just can not. You try to take a chance, but the ball does not hit the goal. But we did nothing for Ray to achieve a positive result. We all have to imagine"Zidane did not want to talk about names, he just said"that the majority did not seize the opportunity offered to prove this"The Frenchman was talking to AS unbridled

Karim Benzema scored the last eight goals of Real.PHOTO: Profimedia

"I'm angry. Everything seemed very bad. Of course, the responsibility is mainly mine. Apparently, I physically and mentally prepared the team for the match. However, it seems to me that I can not prove my desire for proof and will after the race. This is something that everyone needs to have"The Frenchman is known for his usual defense of his players, even in times of poor play and results, he has repeatedly entered the side of the players.You know, I always defend you. This time I can not do this. What I saw against Ray is the perfect zero"Zidane has lately been responding repeatedly to questions about Gareth Baleu. According to the general assessment, Valižan (again) was invisible. "I do not know if he was focused and with his head on the run. You should ask him that."

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