With Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand in the darkest depths of the gap


Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand. Photo: EPA

In the movie announced, in the role of fearless warlord Macbeth and his wife will live Denzel Washington in French McDormand. Is known IS even to film the film in its own script Joel Coenotherwise, husband McDormand's.

Joel and Ethan Coen. Photo: EPA

Of course, however. IS Joel Coen also known as half of the famous fraternal film tandem it forms with Ethan Coenom. However, for now, it is not clear whether he will also participate in the next project. The brothers finally merged with the movie Ballad Buster Scruggski IS was given three Oscar appointments.

Is known IS already, to be a member of the team of producers Scott Rudinki IS He also worked with the fraternal group, among others, in the multidisciplinary action drama of 2007 No place for elderly people.

Two double Oscars in the lead roles
Two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington in French McDormand they already have experience s Shakespeare Washington is IS in 2005 he transferred to Broadway in Julius Caesar, and in 1993 IS on the big screen portrayed Don Pedro in the movie Kenneth Branagha There's a lot of noise for nothing..

McDormand IS However, it has been twice Mrs Macbeth – At School Game, ko IS was 14 years old and three years in the Berkeley Rep. With the brothers Coen good IS inter alia, in films Bloody simple in 1984 and Fargo Twelve years later.

Liffe: Blood Science – Macbeth in a Large Screen

"The story of the passion that destroys everything in front of you"
The last great film about Macbeth IS was shot only four years ago. Directed it IS Justin Kurzel, the main role was assumed at the time Michael Fassbender in Marion Cotillard. "The story of a passion that destroys everything in front of you and an honesty in the midst of a devastated Scottish landscape,"as described, IS received more positive reviews.

In fact, last year in the UK, a new television movie about this fearless warlord was filmed, and the latest version is slated to begin in the fall of 2020.


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