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Will Slovenian handball players stand behind Latvian football players?


Just a day after convincing the victory of the Slovenian football team this afternoon, a select species of men's handball also arrived in Latvia. In Valmiera, a qualifying match for the European Championship 2020 is waiting for him on Wednesday: "We have already made the appearance of the European Championship, but we want to finish the last qualifying cycle with two victories," they say in the Slovenian camp.

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Vujovic's customers were surprised and optimistic in Latvia

In the past, the June action for the Slovenian national team elite was very stressful, but this time it will not be so. In the previous four games in qualifying group 4, after two victories over the Netherlands and one over Latvia and Estonia, they have already participated in the final tournament of the former continent, which will take place between 10 and 26 January next year in Austria and Norway and Sweden.

Brilliant, but motivated

Slovenian handball players, despite total profit in the last four games in Latvia, have gone on to a new positive result but also a possible defeat with six goals – 27:21 in the first game in Maribor – bring the first place in the group and some less benefits in the group's draw, which will be held on June 28 in the Austrian capital.

Winners of the Montenegrin specialist at the Slovenian bank Veselina Vujovic left for the Baltic today, in the wee hours of the morning, after a bus trip from Zreče to Brnik, they then continued their journey through Riga to Riga. After more than two hours of bus route, around 4 pm, they arrived at Valmiero, which is 100 kilometers from the capital of Latvia.

They stayed in their homeland. Vid Kavtičnik, Jaka Malus, Gašper Marguč, Aljaž Panjtar, Tilen Kodrin in Nejc Cehte, Miha Zarabec he will come to Latvia tonight from Germany today.

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Year of Slovenian handball (2004)

Missing all German and French leagues players

Preparations for the June campaign were made in a truncated group, with all players from the German and French leagues missing, and a handful of "beneficiaries" also had six Slovenians who participated in the final of the European Champions League in Cologne, there are one week.

However, overall for the last game – in the middle of the match in Valmeira, Estonia will be held on Sunday in Koper – presented in an exceptionally beautiful light, and in Cerklje on Gorenjskem, the Austrians were surprised and celebrated with 35:19.

Luka Žvižej


The national record player played the last game

They will not stop just the Latvian giant

On Wednesday, they are announced as the second-placed Latvian. The first violin of this team reaches 211 cm Dainis ChristopansThis season is one of the most convincing players of the Champions League and one of the winners of the Vardar of Skopje in this year's final in Cologne. Other national players, of course, are not as stupid as a whole and act very decent. Handball players from Slovenia were beaten in the first match in Maribor and, in the middle of the match, a lot of work is waiting for them.

"In defense, we will not only concentrate on the Krištopanas, we have players who can oppose their height, as well as sufficient knowledge to deter other Latvian players, but only on condition that we show our collective performance," according to today's arduous path . and arrived in Valmiero, said Vujovic.

"Krištopans is a Latvian engineer, but other Latvians know how to play handball. In defense we will have to get dressed, we are ready for that," Blaž Janc notes.
Photo: Ziga Zupan / Sportida

On vacation they want to go well

"We have already made the appearance of the European championship, but we want to finish the last qualifying round with two victories. We deserve a good mood on the well deserved vacation after a long and tiring season. in the best "Krištopans is the Latvian team's engine, but other Latvians also know how to play handball. In the defense we will have to dress, we are ready for that, "he said in the middle of the match. Blaž Janc.

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Slovenian handball players blamed Austrians for Pajovic

List of Vujovic games with Latvia:

– goalkeeper: Urh Kastelic (Zagreb) and Rok Zaponšek (Csurgoi);

– wing players: Darko Cingesar (Aix), Blaž Janc (Vive Kielce), Mario Pickard (Pick Szeged) and Matic Verdinek (Gorenje Velenje);

– external players: Jure Dolenec (Barcelona), Nicky Hennigman (Picareta Szeged), Borut Mačkovšek (Veszprem), Rok Ovniček (Celje Pivovarna Laško), Miga Mlakar (Wisla Plock), Aleksander Špende (Metalurg Skopje), Aleks Vlah (Zagreb) and Miha Zarabec Kiel );

– circular attackers: Blaž Blagotinšek (Veszprem), Matej Gaber (Pick Szeged) and Matic Suholežnik (Dunkerque).

Qualifications for EP 2020, Group 4

Wednesday, June 12, Valmiera
19h40 Latvia – Slovenia

Sunday, June 16, Koper
18.00 Slovenia – Estonia

1. Slovenia 4 games – 8 points
2. Latvia 4-6
3. Netherlands 4-2
4. Estonia 4-0

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