Where you can buy for vacation


LJUBLJANA – The parties are coming, which means that the shops will close their doors to visitors. We've looked at the sites of the largest retailers with us and found that you will not have much to choose from. In fact, only what you will get at home. It will be until Tuesday, when the merchants will open the door again.

Festive work schedule: Sunday and Monday closed.

On Easter Sunday and Monday, their stores will be closed.

On Sunday and Monday, your stores will be closed.

They are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

On Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, all Spar and Interspar stores will be closed.

During the Easter holidays, this is on Sunday and Monday, your stores will be closed.

We can not find information about the worker during the holidays on the Eurospina website and on his facebook page. Do you know more? Let us know through the form below.


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