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Together with the portal Horoskop.si, we present a weekly horoscope from November 19 to 25, 2018. To find out more, you will be greeted by renowned astrology and divination specialists. Consultants are available for all your queries and questions. Call for the future 090 44 11 (1.69 EUR / min).

The tension that will accumulate in you will be released successfully while learning. You will boldly find a new challenge. You are not too enthusiastic about the possibility of traveling, the cost is too great. In love, it's best not to cook a mule, as this can hurt your relationship in the future. The best day of the week will be for you on Sunday.

You do not hide that your thoughts are often left to the other side, and you want more conquest and flirting. Then there will be more jealousy and heavy words. Certainly, but extremely positively, you will present the arguments in your favor and seek the approval of friends and colleagues. You will feel better in an air signals company.

Both at home and in society, you will find it easier to agree on things that are obvious to everyone. Only in the financial field will you have the feeling that things do not go the way you want them to. Wait for a slightly more favorable time and stop calming, because that way you will only hurt him.

You will be filled with the courage and conviction that you can succeed in everything you touch, but faith in ability will not suffice. The stars of love are anxious, especially if you have been alone for some time or do not spend enough time with a loved one. Be careful to follow the arrangements expected in the middle of this week.

You have enough uncertainty and insecurity. Gradually, you will take things into your own hands and demonstrate the need for independent action. You will have a motivation and a directed path up. You spend most of the week with someone who does not demand much. Thoughts are leaving you away, for a person you have not seen for some time.

The first half of the week will not be the most promising. This will make you feel like you have an opponent in disguise or at least strong who does not like your happiness. You will prove your skills and ultimately prepare for yourself as you need. You will redirect all forces to explore what will be most interesting at the moment.

The first days of the week bring some stressful moments and situations. You will adapt the work environment itself, but successfully. Much success and profit awaits you in the business field. Do not make too fast conclusions, think carefully about what you are diving into. The tension will pass quickly. Make good use of positive energy.

You clarified the past that was charging and limiting you in the last period. It will be very easy to start new projects so that you are successful and satisfied. You will feel a bit tense in partnership. At the end of the week, dedicate yourself. You will feel that the main word has those that are not very similar to you.

Although you spend a little time to let someone know what you want, it will be worth the effort. Make the most of it because you will soon come across a lot of work that will not be the best for you. It will hurt you to think more in your heart than in your head. You will be allowed to further stimulate your emotions.

You do not trust someone too much because they have not lined up several times. They simply can not find a common language because they are sure of themselves. You will rest a lot and think about the quality of life. It would be appropriate to visit friends and release their inner turmoil that has settled on you recently and limits you.

Let your friends cheer you on. Leave your obligations to others and rest a little. It will work well for you. As usual, you will discover many situations again. Much will depend on your opinion, which they will listen to and take seriously. You also promise sweet moments for two.

Someone does not trust you, which will surprise you a bit, as you stick to one and the same path. It can be tricky, of course, that you do not want to give up a millimeter. Be what you are and do not try to take on the role of another, which will not benefit you. In the emotional field, you will be dealing with unresolved issues.



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