Uruguay rescued twice, for the first time with the help of a controversial #video of 11 meters


In Brazil, the 46th South America Cup takes place. It will end on July 7 with a grand finale in Rio de Janeiro. On Friday night, Uruguay and Japan moved into Group C. The Asians, who were invited to the competition, led twice and twice world champions twice. It ended with 2: 2, and the duel was also marked by the controversial decision of the referee, who in the first time showed a white spot for Uruguay.

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The oldest and strangest football competition in the world begins



The Japanese traveled to the South American Championship with the status of guests and a young team preparing for the Tokyo Olympics (2020). In the first round, they suffered a tremendous defeat against Chile (0: 4), while in the second match they showed much better football and swept Uruguay well.

The highlights of the Uruguay-Japan match:

The favored South Americans were twice as late, so the goal for the blue samurai arrived Which Miyoshi, but they also fit. First in the first half after the hit Luisa Suareza with a white dot, before which a large amount of dust was lifted by a judge. After the fall Edinson Cavani in the penalty area of ​​Japan after contact with the defender Naomichi Uedo with the help of the VAR analysis, opted for a penalty and applauded the Japanese, and the final result was scored by Oblaka's assistant in Atletico Jose Maria Gimenez.

Argentina in serious creaking

The hawks have a starry occupation on paper, which is a favorite to win the Laurel of South America, while in the vegetation they earn significantly fewer points than planned. After defeating Colombia (0: 2), the Argentineans lost the victory against Paraguay (1: 1). They are still in contention for the promotion even in the final round when a duel with an invitation to the Qatar America Cup is expected, they can thank the equalizer 57 minutes after a penalty Lionel Messi.

Highlights of the match between Argentina and Paraguay:

Captain and best goalkeeper of Argentina made the final result 1: 1. He reached 68th place in the 132nd position of the selected line, so he wants to win one of the biggest competitions. Just five minutes later, Paraguay lost a great opportunity for a new leadership, but it is Derlis Gonzalez shot wasted from a white spot. Paraguay was a better player in Belo Horizonte, and Argentina again disappointed the fans.

Colombia were the first to secure the quarter-finals in the competition. She also won in second and with a goal Duvana Zapate, a partner Josip Illic Atalanta beat Qatar in the 86th minute (1: 0).

Brazilians disappoint fans in El Salvador

South American Championship of Brazil receives the fifth. Previously, she took advantage of the court and became champion (in 1989). Will it succeed this year? Selection after the opening victory over Bolivia (3: 0) did not continue the winning line against Venezuela. Host Brazil Brazil won the second round with Venezuela without a winner.

The unprecedented hit of Gabriel Jesus, who raised much dust:

The networks in El Salvador remained untouched (0: 0), and fans were so dissatisfied with the performance of five world champions that their animals received loud whistles at the end of the game. They were also dissatisfied with some selector decisions Titeja, especially switching when it is in place Casemira in the game sent Fernandinha as they expected a reserve controlled by the invader.

Brazil remain in the lead of Group A, with the number of points equaling Peru, who beat Bolivia 3-1 and got their first win in this year's competition. At the last minute of the first half, he was 0: 1 behind, followed by a turning point and Peru's convincing victory.

Uruguay and Chile (4-0) took the lead in the first round of the group stage.

Brazil without Neymar, Argentina with Messi

In this year's South American Cup, there are 12 national teams, including two from Asia. They are Japan and Qatar, who this year won the Asian title and will host the World Cup next year.

The record holder is Uruguay with 15 titles, while Chile have won the last two championships. In the last two matches, Argentina reached the finals twice, with the two Lionel Messi, for which four lost finals of major competitions were lost, lost by one-in.

South American Cup 2019, Group Stage

A group:

Group B:

Group C:


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