Tina hit him hard, now she replied


LJUBLJANA – A month ago, a retired alpine skier Labyrinth of Tina on Twitter strongly responded to some media reports that his former coach is returning to Slovenian skiing Janez Slivnik.

"I hope he serves more mature behavior," he wrote. "He and his other specialists almost destroyed my career."

The council of experts proposed yesterday to the Alpine Council the appointment of Slivnik and Gregor KoŇ°tomaja. Slivnik responded to inquiries, among which, of course, the question about Tina Maze's tweet was not lacking. "I do not want to comment, it does not make sense, let's skip this," he replied.

According to the proposal, Slivnik, who has worked in Slovenian skiing, will be the new coach of the women's team for the world cup, former coach Ilke Stuhets KoŇ°tomaj, who has taken him to two world skier titles, will join the best Slovenian skiers and will participate under the leadership of the coach of the men's high-speed team. Petra Pena, that as well as Klemen Bergant it remains in its position.


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