Tim Gajser for the second straight win!


Top Slovenian motorcycle rider Tim Gajser is the winner of the seventh race of the MXGP World Championship in France. At Saint-Jean-d'Angely, he won the first two races, and due to the poor performance of Italian Antonio Cairoli, he also narrowed the gap behind him in total, now only ten points behind.

Jersey Team Guyser


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Guyser was convincingly the best this weekend in France, he achieved the qualifications, and certainly the first race before Cairoli and the Swiss Arnaud Tonus. In the second race, he did not start in the first place, but he managed to get in the lead in half and did not leave the competitors anymore. The second was the Frenchman Romain Febvre and the third was Tonus.

Cairoli made many mistakes in this event, in the end he was only 17 years old. In total, the race Gajser beat Tonus and Febvre, Cairoli was only seventh.

Gaiser greatly reduced the backlog behind him in SP; The Italian had 34 points before the current race, but now only ten (311-301).

Gerčar 30., Pancar to the first points

This time another Slovenec was running between the elite Klemen Gerčar, who otherwise does not appear in all the trials of the season; in the second round of the first race in Saint-Jean-d 'Angely, in the second round reached the finish line, but in the 30th place lost points.

Jan Pancar was in 17th place and won the first ten points of the season.

Jan Pancar was in 17th place and won the first ten points of the season.
Photo: Greek Valančič / Sportida

The first points he took Jan Pancar in the weakest class MX2, which finished its first race in France in 20th place, while in the second it was even bigger in the 12th place. Overall, that took him to 17th place and the top ten points of the season. At the top were Spanish Jorge Prado, Belgian Jago Geerts and Danish Thomas Kjer Olsen.

The next SP race will take place on June 9 in Russian Orlyonok.

Tim Gajser

* date of birth: September 8, 1996
* height: 180 cm
* Weight: 76 kg
* place of stay: Pečke, Slovenska Bistrica
* Team: Honda Gariboldi (MXGP)
* First race: MX2: VN Europe 2012, Faenza
MXGP: VN Qatar 2016, Losail

The greatest successes in SP:

– total:
1st place 2016, 5th place 2017, 4th place 2018

– individual breeds:
1st place: France 2019
Portugal 2019
Italy (Trentino) 2019
Sweden 2017
Mexico 2017
Argentina 2017
Qatar 2016
Argentina 2016
Mexico 2016
Latvia 2016
Spain 2016
Great Britain 2016
Lombardy 2016
2nd place: Argentina 2019
United Kingdom 2019
Germany 2018
Italy 2018
Turkey 2018
Bulgaria 2018
Asia (Indonesia) 2018
France 2017
Qatar 2017
Italy (Trentino) 2017
Thailand 2016
Germany 2016
France 2016
Czech Republic 2016
Switzerland 2016
USA (Charlotte) 2016
3rd place: The Netherlands 2019
France 2018
Portugal 2018
Czech Republic 2018
Czech Republic 2017
Europe (Valkenswaard) 2016
Italy (Trentino) 2016
USA (Glen Helen) 2016

MX 2:
– total:
1st place 2015 (5 wins)
5th place 2014
20th place 2013

– individual breeds:
1st place: Uddevalla, Teutschenthal, Maggiora, Pietramurata,
Assen 2015

Other successes:

European Champion of 2007 65 cc
European Champion of 2009 85 cc
European and World Champion 2012 125 cc

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Gaiser is the fastest in qualifying in France


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