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They captured the last part of Reka of Love: more than 7200 pages of the script

Filming a popular series The Love River is also officially closed. Last weekend, the top actors filmed the last of the staff and bade farewell to their characters with whom they "left" in the last two years.

The River of Loveafter two years, he is dying. What will be the fate of Roka and Irene? Will your conclusion be happy and will you forget all the drama they experienced together? Will all past trials be overcome for the survival of your relationship? Although Reko's love has already been recorded all the way, all fans can still join him from Monday to Thursday at 8:00 PM on POP TV. We'll hang out with your favorite characters for a few weeks.

Has the popular character come to be a happy ending or does he not have a destiny for it?PHOTO: Ksaver Shinkar

& # 39; The last klapa fell & # 39;

Lara KomarinTadej Pišek, who put himself in the place of the main characters, said that after the recording, it was difficult to describe the feelings that they did not fully understand that the end of Reka of Love actually happened. "I still can not describe the feelings. Maybe because it's not clear to me that this story is over, or maybe because our characters will live on the television screens for some time every night or because the recording in the studio and in Krka I wrote in my life everyday that I just can not understand that the Love River had expired. Although my eyes on the chalets demolished on set and the tight embrace that all our colleagues exchanged for the jury after the last turn, wrapped in some gentle nostalgia, I know this story will remain forever in my heart, in a beautiful memory " told the smiling Trzaska. Tadej says that on the last day he left the studio with a rather bitter feeling: "With the last sequence, Rok told me, whose story I was telling two years ago." I really did not understand that it's over.Now I'm going to take a short vacation and I think when I go home, I really understand that this period ends. characters and the story are over, and the friendships that we unite in these two years will remain.The fall of the last klapa fell, we recorded all parts of the Reka of Love.

More than 7200 script pages

In two years, a good team led by director Nejc Levstik recorded four seasons of drama, shock, love, intrigue and deception. How can you record more than 300 episodes and four seasons in two years? A good team worked and recorded intensely after more than 12 hours a day. The fourth season was recorded in stunning 115 days of filming.

A popular series focusing on interpersonal relationships is recorded in the idyllic Krka and the Ljubljana Dolenjska. The series consisted of 21 indoor sets and 36 outdoor sets.

Irena and Rok experienced a lot of ups and downs over the four seasons.PHOTO: Ksaver Shinkar

The story of Irene and all her love

Irena played by Lara Komar, we met in the first part of Rijeka Love, when she and her boyfriend Jan came to visit Krka. Already in the first part, things complicated, when Irena lost the way to the forest, where a great fire echoes. At that time, she met Roka (Tadej Pišek), her fateful love, with whom she later gave birth to Emil's son. Of course, it was not without the clashes. Irena looked at Mark's dotted line, played by Domen Valič. At the moment, we follow Irena's novel with Dejan (Miha Rodman).

What is Irena's fate? Will she return to Roku or will her love be doomed to failure? Follow Reka's Love between Monday and Thursday at 8:00 PM on POP TV and you'll soon find out what story the writers wrote to them.

The birth of two children

Two children – Emil and Helena – were born in the popular series. It is very interesting that both children play with twins. Emil, the son of Roka and Irene, plays twins LucijaninFlorian. Daughter of boyfriends Helena plays twins МишаinManca. For the 24 hour recording experience, the mothers talked about the experience of recording their babies. Read more HERE.

Surveys that left viewers speechless

In four seasons, observers and viewers were most shocked by the death of Blaz (played by Voranc Boh), Rok's brother, who died of mushroom poisoning. Probably no one anticipated such a change. That's why the third season was a bit darker. And the death of one of the main characters is a novelty for Slovenian television, and as director Nejc Levstik said at the time, sadly the death of some close people, and that is why this series is more successful – because it shows a life real and is not avoids a sad and tragic moment. Reka was certainly marked by the secret that Life is actually the daughter of Terezina.

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