"The world spins, no matter what happens to me or with you"


Decadence is a new musical creation, the song "Turn On On (When You On The Ground)". With the authors and members of Okustični, Matej Broj and Karin Zemljič, we talked about their musical creations and plans for the future.

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Track Turning (when you're on) & # 39; like many other songs that Mate is talking about, tells us about the circumstances of real life: the world revolves, no matter what happens to me, to you or to you. Even if we stand still.
With a unique musical expression and a thoughtful authorial seal in the year 2017, the defenders annulled the Slovenian musical landscape with a debut song & # 39; With us & # 39;. A folk-pop track, which plays with a fun and fresh vocal interpretation, tempered with its vocals Jadranka Juras. Last year, the opening of the genre was demonstrated by the reinterpretation of the Slovenian classics, Benceve That night is mine.and this year Ema impressed with the performance of the song Butterflies are dancing & # 39;.

"The world spins, no matter what happens to me or to you."PHOTO: Urša Premik

Turning (when you're on) & # 39; they dismissed a member Kill Bro in Karin Zemljič s associated Jadranko Juras, and played Mate Bro on guitar and bass with Jure Rozman on battery and Marko Črnčecem on keyboards, where we can also listen to a part of the musical basis of Pop Design – "When you're down." With members of the Okustični, Matej and Karin, we exchanged a few words about his musical creation.

Musicians are investing heavily in producing and producing quality video.PHOTO: Urša Premik

How would you describe your musical beginnings?

Everything has been dealing with music since its earliest days. Musical beginnings of the band Occupy were due to the need to play in a sincere, high quality and not necessarily music for the first ball. Initially, it dealt with events and, later, also of the original compositions.

To whom did the idea of ​​joint musical cooperation and fusion of a band come to an end?

We have a musical taste and similar goals in music, and that's why it happened by itself.

Karin, a while ago, we could see you in the band's musical show The stars dance. How would you describe this experience?

The television experience is definitely something special. Many people do not even know that we play all the music live, because this is not primarily a musical but a dance show. I have to admit that I like it because we're hiding because I can concentrate on just making my own corner as high as possible.

For both, the desire for musical creation was always present.PHOTO: Urša Premik

What kind of music is next to you and who is your musical idol?

We do not define a genre if the composition is good, it is good on all skins. It's also true for musical idols. At the moment, we're driving from the Foo Fighters show and listening to reggae (laughs) in the van.

How do you plan to spend your holidays this year? Where are you going?

This year's holiday will be more effective, with short sea jumps as we finish our first studio album.

How difficult, in your opinion, are you to succeed in the Slovenian music scene and do what they do for greater visibility?

This year, we've been at Ema for exposure and visibility, but she's invested in videos and quality production.

What are your hobbies outside the music world?

Mate: Tennis and running.

Karin: Dance in dance (pole dance) and aerial yoga.

Have you ever wanted to become a musician or did it happen spontaneously?

Karin: In the past, everything I did was related to music.

Mate: I think it's both. Things were happening on their own, but at the same time, I always wanted to be connected to music.


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