The world of music shook, the popular rapper fell under the lightning


In Los Angeles, a 33-year-old Grammy-nominated American rapper Nipsey Hussla. He was shot several times before his Marathon Clothing store, and although he was immediately taken to the hospital, they could not help him.

Early to know violence and crime

Nipsey Hussle has this Asghed Hermits Born in Los Angeles in 1985. He also grew up on the streets of California City and was a member of a street gang as a teenager. In last year's lecture Los Angeles Times said he knew the world of crime, violence and killings earlier in the day.

His studio debut Tour of Victory was at the Grammy Awards this year for the best rapper, and the award went to him Cardi B with the album Invasion of privacy. Nipsey Hussle was not only a good musician, he was also valued in South Los Angeles as a good local organizer who, among other things, tried to establish a connection between impaired small businesses and corporate partners.

No information about the perpetrator

Local police still do not have information about the offender. Two people were injured in the shooting. At the end of the crime, hundreds of people gathered on Sunday night, playing and singing Nipsey songs at sunset.

Coordinated records are placed on web networks. Rihanna she expressed her twitter shock. "I'm sorry it happened to you," she wrote and expressed sympathy to the musician's neighbors.

Pharrell Williams called Nipsey a positive force, inspired by millions, and Drake emphasized that he was a distinguished gentleman. He also said that he wanted to record a song with him in the summer …


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