The Tomb of the Koper Invasion at Olympic Property


However, the Olympic Games on the facade of the Koper basin, with which Primorci seriously intervened on the property of the International Olympic Committee, still count the days or at least weeks.

When they were in Koper on November 16, just 48 hours before the first round of local elections, a ceremonial opening of the indoor pool, which sits on the shores of the sea and flies from the Bonifika stadium, and is the new direct neighborhood of the same hall name, many see one of the recent pre-election actions of the mayor Boris Popovich. After a defeat in the second round after 16 years, he said goodbye to the mayor's office and left him Aleš Bržan.

To cover the Olympic pool, of which they can not boast in any of the three largest cities in the country (only in Kranj), of course remains. And the rest is also the controversial facade of the building. There are five Olympic rounds, one of the most recognized symbols and, above all, the exclusive property of the International Olympic Committee, which can not be used in any way without the latter's consent.

Circles played in Koper.

Circles played in Koper.
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Notice of the Slovenian Olympic Committee

Serious misconduct was caused by Olympic connoisseurs at the opening of the facility, which was also attended by the President of the Slovenian Olympic Committee. Bogdan Gabrovec. The umbrella organization of the Slovenian sports organization was Koprčane, which raised about eight million euros for the investment, but soon after they also notified. "This was our duty, it is about the protection of intellectual property," states four and a half months later by the Secretary General of the SCO Blaž Perko.

"We officially warned the city hall, however, as the local government has changed in the meantime, we also approached the staff of a new mayor in a similar way.We are guaranteed that the circles will be removed.I hope the situation is resolved soon" , says Perko. he has not yet encountered serious abusive behavior, but he often warns of minor offenses with his team. "It's not about malice, it's mostly due to ignorance of the rules," he adds.


Municipality: alternative symbol in the shortest possible time

Almost five months after its opening, when the pool is already fulfilling its purpose, the circles remain as part of the external image. At the Koper Sports Institute, which holds a hand on major sports facilities, the balls are handed over to the municipality. The latter admitted that they are familiar with the warning and are ready for a compulsory measure.

"MO Mayor Koper Aleš Bržan and OCS President Bogdan Gabrovac also addressed these issues on the recent courtesy visit of the OCS leadership in the municipality of Koper and agreed that the municipality would remove them or replace them with another symbol in the shortest possible Circle period Olympic". Municipality of Koper.

The history of Olympic circles

The five Olympic circles are one of the most recognizable symbols on Earth's surface, with a clear associative logic of the public that easily associates the symbol with an object or event. According to a survey conducted by the agency Kantar Media before the OI in Rio 2016 with the assistance of the International Olympic Committee, up to 93 percent of people are aware of the links between the Olympic symbol and the Olympic Games.

Olympic circles

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Why five circles?

The Olympic flag consists of five rounded circles on two lines (in blue, black and red top, yellow and green bottom) on a white background. Today, the overt symbol has a double meaning. When the symbol's father, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, also revived alpha and omega of the Olympic idea and umbrella organization, sketched circles over a hundred years ago, he highlighted five circles symbolizing five parts of the world.

With this he had in mind the continents that contributed to the athletes at the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm. In addition to Europeans, athletes from Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas (South and North) participated in Sweden.

The colors of the flag also had added value. With the colors of the five circles and the white background, it was possible to draw flags from all 28 countries participating in the Olympic Games.

Olympic Village river

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Part of the Olympic Games since 1920

Coubertin sketched circles in 1913, a year later presented them at the congress of the International Olympic Committee in Paris. But because of World War I and the first end of the games (in 1916, they should have been hosted by Berlin), the Olympic family had to wait until the 1920s to celebrate the symbol of the new symbol in the presence of the Belgian King Albert , who ceremonially opened the Games in Antwerp. the first flag of the Olympic flag.

As of now, this is an integral part of all ceremonies and games in general. The transfer system of the flag from the hands to the hands of the hosts was also established. This is one of the flags recognized more than two years and a half in the hands of the Japanese. The delivery took place at the closing ceremony of the recent Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

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Photo: Stanko Gruden, STA

It is owned by the Olympic Committee

Olympic circles are "tempting" for many abuses. Therefore, in the International Olympic Committee, which owns the Olympic seals, they are predicting a tough fight against abuse of Olympic ownership. First, it is a popular "ambush marketing" or ambush marketing in which different companies try to use Olympic symbols or approximations of them in advertising, even if they do not have the rights to do so.

The right to use Olympic symbols (circles, flags, Olympic passwords …) is in fact the international committee or companies that have business relations with him, the game organizer or the national Olympic committee. In Slovenia, this is OKS, which must take care of the protection of the Olympic symbols and prevent the use that would be contrary to the rules.

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Skiers and judokas will not be sent to the streets, but patience has passed




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