Sunday , October 24 2021

The storm has caused problems across the country: even imprisonment in time Dob


The storm, which covered the entire country on Saturday, caused many inconveniences and damages. The meteor showers showered the cellars and ground floor facilities, even the Dob prisons, the Ljubljana library, and the health facilities.

Because of the weather, firefighters again had their hands full when a strong storm on Saturday struck all over Slovenia. Firefighters from 361 voluntary firefighting societies and 19 professional units were dispatched to at least 333 interventions due to the storm. Rainwater was flooded with subsoil spaces, garage and ground floor of residential, commercial, commercial and catering facilities, wrote in the Information Center.

There were also prisons in Dob, where firefighters PGD Mirna and PGD Šentrupert sent fireworks.

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Firefighters in Ljubljana had to draw water from the library in Ljubljana. The facilities of the Domžale Health Center and the pensioners' house were flooded.

The water was watering roads and subways. For example, in Laško, firefighters had to rescue a personal vehicle that was stuck in the underpass, which was flooded by water.

Firefighters redirected and protected various objects with floodwaters, removed felled trees, licensed them and dug several ditches to drain the meteoric waters.

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Problems also due to the impact of a shot and strong wind

A strong wind broke trees that fell on roads and houses, so firefighters had to intervene in such cases.

During the storm, too much light was coming. Due to the lightening, a commercial building in the village of Čezsoča in the municipality of Bovec and a commercial building in Lenart near Gornji Grad were set on fire.

The arrows also hit the residential building in the town of Šmarca, in the municipality of Kamnik, with lightning striking the chimney roof. "Similarly, after villagers' narration, the impact of lightning strikes is felt by neighboring residential houses, as lightning is destroying various installations and electrical devices." the portal reported Domž

Even in Bohinj yesterday, supposedly because of lightening fall, a holiday facility was blown up. The damage is about 15,000 euros, according to PU Kranj.

Due to lightning, it was also burned in nature in the Vrhpolje settlement in the municipality of Vipava. Filming also hit the residential building in Kamnik, but luckily they did not burn.

The possibility of landslides and rock slopes was warned by the Geological Survey. In fact, due to the unpleasant terrain, some landslides and rock stones were also fired, causing some traffic problems.

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