Tuesday , October 26 2021

The regulated price of gasoline and diesel is lower


Ljubljana, November 6 – Regulated gasoline and diesel prices fell at midnight. A liter of unleaded 95-octane gasoline fell 2.7 cents to 1,319 euros at off-highway gas stations and highways, while diesel fell 0.7 cents to 1,357 euros. Diesel, therefore, remains more expensive than gasoline, mainly due to higher prices in world markets.

In the period between late September and the present day, the price of common mineral diesel, as well as diesel biofuel, which is being mixed with a common diesel, has steadily increased. The higher price of diesel is due to the high price of mineral diesel and also to the high prices of biodiesel in the world markets.

Oil traders determine the prices of gasoline and 100-octane fuel oil and 95-octane gasoline and diesel at gas stations on highways and highways.

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