the police arrested a member of a beaten judge


Maribor – Police conducted a house search in Pekrah near Maribor in the afternoon where a brutally beaten judge was arrested on Sunday night Daniela Ružič. According to our unofficial information, the police should be detained by your partner.

The judge, employed in the economic department, was attacked around 13 o'clock when she returned home. Police conducted a house search at her home, where she lives with her partner, he reported Pop TV. They examined both the interior and exterior of the house and the car parked in front of the house. The investigation should be conducted by the Slovenian court.

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Police are investigating the case in all directions so that the attack may be connected to their private or work life. Police do not disclose further details, but still ask everyone who has some information related to the attack to contact them.

After the attack, when Ruzic was attacked, the bones of the skull and face were repeatedly broken, and the broken bones were taken to the emergency room, where they had to recover. The judge is now stable and has already talked to the police at the hospital.


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