Saturday , October 23 2021

The Italians settled in front of Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Icelanders defeated the Turks, the Belgians of Scotland …


The end of the game! In Riga, after more than a year and nine games on hold, Slovenia were expecting only their first win, and returned to the game for the top two places in Group G qualifying for the European Championship 2020, which will finally bring the final tournament . Slovenia will continue to qualify in September when they first receive Poland and then Israel in Stožice.

90 minutes: another opportunity, led by Josip Ilicic and Luke Zahovic. The former made a good kick from the free kick while the second reached a header with a header and well rolled up the Latvian goalkeeper but unfortunately did not reach the first goal in the Slovenian jersey.

78 minutes: he had a good chance to score the sixth goal Josip Iličić, who, after a good performance by Jasmin Kurtić, hit against the Latvian goal on the right and was a bit selfish. On the left, he had a free reservist Luko Zahovic, but decided to shoot and did badly. The ball went through the door.

70 minutes: after the glorious start of the second half, the Slovenians gave the change but controlled the game. Latvia is completely non-dangerous. It seems that everyone in Riga is just waiting for the referee to mark the end of the match. But is not it?

GOOOL! Well, we have not waited for a new Slovenian hit for a long time. This time it's after giving up Petar Stojanovic in minute 47 hit another Miha Zajc.

Starting the second half! What will we see in Riga in the other 45 minutes, Slovenia will score another goal?

Half time! Slovenia, who have never won in the last nine games and once did not reach more than one goal, in the first 45 minutes of the game in Riga, there were already four and deserved to go to the pole with high priority.

GOOOL! The ball jumped harmlessly out of the post, however, 44 minutes into the game, Josip Iličić and rocked Latvia's network. Slovenia lead with 4: 0, and the star of the first Italian league reached the seventh goal of the national football shirt.

Minute 41: now the yellow card Bojana Jokic, which means Slovenia will have to be captain without a captain in the next qualifying round when Zvezda arrive in Stožice in September.

40 minutes: After five brilliant minutes, Slovenia lowered the pressure a bit and now discreetly controls the course of action on the court.

GOOOL! From eleven meters to 29 minutes Josip Iličić he scored reliably for the lead of Slovenia with 3: 0.

28 minutes: and now he is also a man only for Slovenia, who, after the corner of Josip Illicic, led Домен Чернигой, who became the great hero of this match.

GOOOL! Another objective Domna Črnogojja, which is 27 minutes after the pass Petar Stojanovic came to light and another representative goal in three minutes.

GOOOL! In 24 minutes, Slovenia reached a well-deserved lead. After playing Josip Illic and even better to do Roberta Beric and it did not disappoint Domnu Črnigoju, which was not difficult for him to score the first goal on the team's shirt. This was an action that was very fragrant in a prohibited position. In the qualifications for the European Championship 2020, they do not use Vara.

21 minutes: another good opportunity for Slovenia, for the ten-meter radius is unobstructed came Miha Zajc, but the goal is over.

20 minutes: after a good combination with Miho Zajcem reached the large area in the great area of ​​Latvia Josip Iličić, one it also took only an angle after the Latvian blockade. Already the sixth to Slovenia. Even this time after him without a goal.

16 minutes: a major problem for the Latvian selector Slavisa Stojanovic, who had to make the first substitution after 15 minutes of the game. Defender of Olimpija injured Vitalij Maksimenko.

14 minutes: Slovenia was completely naked! From the free lightning to the right, the gauge Josip Iličić and take care of the brilliant blow. It was separated by millimeters from evrogol. He shook the door frame. The ball touched one of Latvia's football players, then Slovenia got a fourth corner. Even after that, the guests did not knock.

12 minutes: The Slovenes have an initiative, but not a revolt against the Latvians who play very defensively. Now he plays the ball on the wing. Miha Zajc, but he also played only national defenders.

4 minutes: he was still dangerous now Bojan Jokić. The captain tested his left hand and swept the Latvian keeper a little, but only regained the corner. This time too, nothing was exciting about it.

2nd minute: Slovenians came to light first. After a frustrated attempt, he tried to shoot in the corner of the penalty area. Josip Iličić, but it only provided the angle from which nothing was intelligent.

Start the game! From the middle of the field, Slovenian football players started.

Selector Matjaz Kek was not surprised by his appearance in Riga. As we announced yesterday, two changes occurred in him. Andraž Šporar was replaced by Robert Berić while young Jako Bijola was replaced by Denis Popović in the middle of the field, who played for Slovenia for 29 years at Klagenfurt on Friday. Slovenia's position is as follows: Oblak; Jokic, Mevlja, Al. Struna, Stojanovic; Kurtić, Popović, Zajc, Črnigoj; Iličić; Beric.

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