the infected client computer service client, and then blackmailed them


PIRAN – In late 2016, police received several reports from the Koper PU casualty area, saying they received an email notification sent from their email address to their email address. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

He threatened with photographs of child sexual abuse and blackmailed

At that time, the unknown perpetrator informed the injured parties that he invaded their email accounts and asked them to pay the amount in bitcoins, otherwise he threatened to use their email addresses to use it for other criminal offenses. In support of the threat, victims in their email sent their real contact information to their email account, as well as photos of child sexual abuse, and threatened to send them from their postal account to their friends and state authorities.

He is a repairman who repaired his computers

During an investigation into the victims' electronic devices, it was confirmed that they installed a malicious software code on their computers, which secretly collected all the activities of computer users and thus sent illegally acquired data to an open email address abroad. According to the results, it became clear that information from a US foreign information service provider is important for tracking and identifying the abuser. With international cooperation with the US judicial authorities, data were obtained that justified the suspicion that the email account to which data illegally obtained from the infected computers of the injured parties was sent was generated from the IP address of the company of the Koper PU area. inter alia, computer maintenance.

They found him in the house investigation

In the subsequent verification of the victims, it was also confirmed that all their electronic devices were attended by this company. Based on a court order, a home search was conducted at this company, which found that on the premises of the company, is also performed by a single trader as a subcontractor. Several electronic devices were seized in the investigation of the company's home. Forensic investigations of electronic devices not only provided evidence of the criminal offenses mentioned, but the facts and data obtained and the evidence of several other victims of the Oblast were found.

36 year old coast

According to the findings during the investigation of the seized electronic devices, it was also confirmed that an exclusive 36-year trader from the municipality of Piran was suspected of having committed criminal offenses. The investigation of electronic devices was also undeniably found to have bought a malicious software code over the internet, which secretly collected all activities of computer users, and thus illegally obtained data are sent to the email address, through a protocol FTP to a remote server. For insight into the work of the company, it was arguably confirmed that the computers of the injured parties were entrusted to repair this man on days when the malicious software code was installed on a particular computer of the victims.

Already since 2011

The investigation of 36-year-old electronics found other malicious software codes and electronic records that showed that, at least from 2011 on the company's client computers in charge of repair, they installed a malicious software code that after a certain has corrupted the operating system system file that is installed on the computer to render the computer unusable. As a result, the injured parties were forced to return their computers for repair. Malicious software and applications were installed on more than 50 computers and then blackmailed them, PUK Koper reported.


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