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July 13, 2014. The date Katarina Zrnič, Koča's shop on the Golici, a popular mountain above Jesenice, where, in May, for the meadows full of daffodils, threw the trumpets of the hikers, especially remembered. On this day, Anže Kopitar, the world-famous hockey player of Hrušica, Golica, whose legendary brother Ansambel Avsenik dedicated the entire song, brought the Stanley Cup, the highest value in the world of hockey, with the helicopter.

Anže Kopitar was rather mysterious about his visit. "He just told the media he would take the trophy to the mountain, but he did not say which one. They all thought he would take him to Triglav, but because he was a native he brought it to us and the helicopter." an unforgettable surprise, which will last exactly five years on July 13, is still very vivid today Katarina Zrnič, the Koca shop at Golici.

On July 13, 2014, Anže Kopitar, a sacred hockey giant, took the Stanley Cup with a helicopter to Golico.

On July 13, 2014, Anže Kopitar, a sacred hockey giant, took the Stanley Cup with a helicopter to Golico.
Photo: screenshot

"When we heard the helicopter, we thought first that an accident had happened, after which the helicopter landed and Anza intervened with her father, partner and personal security officer." Katarina said, but I said I will be here once brought the cup The surprise was perfect! "Our interlocutor laughed after many years. She also recalled that Kopi took the prestigious cup to the pastor on the Hrušana plantation, and then placed her in the event at the Podmežakla hockey hall in Jesenice.

From Kališče to Komna and Kredarica

This is one of your favorite memories of the janitor's life, although there are still many of them in the store. They are connected with work in Kališče, where she began her care work, at the time as a member of PD Kranj, and continued in higher positions, also in Komna, and also besieged Kredarici, who belongs to PD Ljubljana – Matica.

VIDEO: Katarina Zrnič on the life and work of the caretaker

"I always looked against Mežakli"

"The mountains always attracted me.I come from Jesenice and from there I always looked at Mežakli", begins with its mountains a closely related story, which we present in our section on Thursday titled The stories of managers of Slovenian mountain huts.

At, together with the Alpine Association of Slovenia, for the fifth year in a row, we chose our favorite Slovenian mountain hut. This year, with your help, we will choose the best cabin in the high mountains and the best in the lower parts. Among the participants in the voting, we distribute weekly a series of practical prizes and, at the end of the selection, the main prize will be: a tour with a mountain guide of your own choice. You are invited to vote!

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Although Katarina admits that she did not defend her work in the highlands, where she prefers as in the lower parts, she also likes Golica, a mountain that consecrated her Avseniks to the song "Golica", without which hockey revenue in Slovenia is not possible , and which can boast the adjective of the most played instrumental compositions in the world. Of course, they also have a harmonica in the hut, and anyone who can pick up their keys can borrow and play. Golico also played in front of the cabin also Sašo Avsenik, the grandson of the late Slavko Avsenik, and Katarina does not hide that this was another special occasion.

Golica? Dubai and Monte Carlo in the same breath.

"I tell myself we have Dubai and Monte Carlo here at the same time, because you see when the weather is beautiful, Julijca and all the way to Ljubljana, from the top of Golica to Austria.

He says that if you want to be a caretaker, you need to like mountains as well as people, and those who think they are going to earn a lot in the mountains say they prefer to stay home.

"Here we have Dubai and Monte Carlo at the same time, because you see the weather is beautiful, Julian and all the way to Ljubljana, from the top of Golica to Austria, everything is in the palm of your hand."
Photo: Alenka Teran Kosir

The most common question: are daffodils already blooming?

She lives in Koča on the Golici, at an altitude of 1,582 meters above sea level, which can be reached in up to eight directions, suitable for children aged three to 85, she spends half a year, so this is her home, says she. The biggest "ruker" is, of course, in May, when the daisies bloom on the slopes of Golica and the hikers are actually visiting massively. At that time, the telephone in the hut is constantly ringing, but the questions are the same as the eggs of the egg: are the daffodils already blooming?

Golica is the most popular among mountaineers because of rose growth in May but this year due to bad weather this year was moved to June.

Golica is the most popular among mountaineers because of rose growth in May but this year due to bad weather this year was moved to June.
Photo: Jan Lukanović

In the summer, it misses the interval of May

Although it is the worst at the time – this summer he moved to June because most of the rain was raining in May, if not even snow – Katarina misses the May naval season.

"Especially in summer, when Slovenes are at sea or prefer to go to high mountains, I really miss May. I like when action is when people are" recognized by a caretaker who wants people to improve before they go to the mountains get ready for a ride and learn about behavior that is only suitable in the mountains.

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