The fire at the waste facility at Lenart is extinct, two firefighters are more easily damaged


Firefighters extinguished the fire that erupted at the Solomon waste separation plant at Lenart. According to information from the Administration for Protection and Rescue, firefighters flooded the entire fire and flooded with water and surveyed the surrounding area. In fire fighting, two firefighters were more easily damaged.

Firefighters who fired waste material, paper, plastics and metal parts at the waste facility extinguished firefighters from the Lenart, Sveti Jurij, Sveta Trojica, Benedikt, Gok, Cerkvenjak, Osek, Selce, Sveta Ana and Ptuj Volunteer Fire Brigades. the event all relevant departments were informed, the Administration for Protection and Rescue reported.

The company, which burned garbage on Sunday, was seen by the Environment Minister yesterday Simon Zajc, Not too long after yesterday, just before six in the afternoon, the garbage collection turned green again. There are bales that contain stacked waste and firefighters can only extinguish them with foam.

Radio Slovenia reported that firefighters were more easily damaged by two firefighters who were taken with a rescue vehicle.

The cause of the fire is still unknown

Meanwhile, the Police Directorate in Maribor said in a press release that firefighters are still holding a tour and collecting notices. Police have been posted to the scene on Friday and secured. For now, it is unknown what the cause of the fire is.

In the warehouse of separation of waste of Lenart already burned already on Sunday night, the investigation of this previous fire, which according to Salomon's initial estimates caused about 250,000 euros of damage, has not yet been completed, was unofficially the event occurred due to auto -ignition.


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