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The day after the interpellation at the ceremony to commemorate the attack on the transmitter in Kum


The day after the interpellation, Defense Minister Karl Erjavec attended the ceremony dedicated to independence day and the anniversary of the air raid on the RTV Slovenian transmitter in Kum during the war of independence. He recalled that the autonomy of Slovenia is a consequence of the unity of the desires and aspirations of all.

After more than a 13-hour session, Erjavec passed an interpellation, which was filed against him by the largest opposition party SDS.PHOTO: Damian Zibert

Karl ErjavecThe defense minister, who spoke yesterday, said at the ceremony that the transmitter in Kum was of strategic importance, since Slovenia also received war through the use of information through the media, announced the Ministry of Defense.

In the continuation of the speech, he remembered the sequences of the fights of the general Rudolf Maistra to the northern border, party rebellion during World War II and the 1991 war of independence, emphasizing:We are the happy generation, who has realized the dreams of many generations of Slovenes, to have our own country. If there were not all these events, today we would not have our own country"

During the war for Slovenia, the Slovenian nation was, according to the ministers, unanimous. "We all wanted. We have received the state due to the efforts of all citizens of the Republic of Slovenia"he added.

According to the Ministry of Defense's explanation, the transmitter in Kum was an object of special importance in the defense of the state, the Independent Territorial Defense Unit (TO) of the Dobovec Local Command under the command.Marjana Dolinškahe had been protecting him since the possible attack since June 24, 1991. Four days later he transferred the part of the 32nd light artillery battery of the Trbovlje air defense under the command of Roka Strniša with four anti-aircraft guns to Kum.

On June 28, the transmitter attacked the YPA planes and surprised the members of the Slovenian soldiers who were stationed in positions. The Kum Transmitter swing result was a severely injured OT member and seven were slightly injured.

According to the explanation of the Ministry of Defense, the transmitter in Kum was of special importance in the defense of the State.PHOTO: POP TV

The YLA attacked the transmitter on July 2 and then the air defense defense played its part once it was informed before the flight of the Yugoslav aircraft. Airplanes were shot with anti-aircraft guns and one of them was hit. The plane did not crash, but the pilot was obviously forced to open the cockpit lid, which was found later. The attack, therefore, did not require the victims, only caused a small additional damage on the transmitter.

Today's ceremony was held at the mountain hut in t. i. Zasavska Triglav, where the Slovenian War Veterans League has traditionally celebrated the events of the War of Independence.

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