The computer has degraded professionals


OpenAI is a company that sees the future in artificial intelligence and is currently popular in the world of computer games because the robot managed to defeat the winners of last year's Dota 2 tournament – O Internacional. We can mention that the award was worth as much as $ 25 million. The stock of enormous height is achieved by the fact that the Dota 2 players themselves are also investing in it. This fund this year should be similar to last year, according to some estimates, the number may exceed $ 25 million, establishing a new milestone in computer gaming tournaments.

What is the problem with everything? Dota 2 is a complex strategy game that has over 100 characters available and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The object of the game is to destroy the enemy base, and many objects are available in the game to make your character even stronger. OG (current champion) consists of five professional players from Dota 2, who changed their power against five OpenOI bots. The format of the game after which the game was played was a popular "best of three", which means that the final winner becomes the one who can win two games. The series was won by OpenAI with a total of 2-0. In the game, from beginning to end, he showed dominance and a very aggressive way of playing.

Within 10 months, incredible progress

OpenAI is based on a continuous learning algorithm, whether it is for professional games or for games played by random players on the Internet. He learns a learning algorithm – they are able to adapt the game and constantly update it, and ideas are drawn from the human way of thinking. The project is now living for about 10 months and in this short time the computer has been able to train up to 45,000,000 years. Last year, the OpenAI test was conducted against players technically and mechanically weaker, and honor and fame were captured by people. Today, a few months later, the thing has become diametrically opposed – the computer proved to be a strong dominion over the current best players of the world.

Of course, the OpenAI researchers have given a new boost to the candles, and from April 18, the Arena will open, where you and your friends can test their strengths and ideas in the fight against the OpenAI bot. The company's long-term goal is to transfer the knowledge that was used to learn the Dota 2 game in real time and space. Video games represent an exceptionally good space where developers can test their ideas and ways to further improve artificial intelligence.


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