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The bad guys – hopefully – break the record with the billionaire prime minister

The movie universe, in which we participated in 2008 (with the first Iron Man movie), has already grossed more than $ 19 billion in the world today. Photo: Reuters

Marvelov (ie Disney) fourth and last film in franchise Avengers he justified high expectations: four weeks after the end of the week, four were sold kinovodnic in the US for a movie Conclusion. Avengers they had to undermine their own record to rise to the top: completion is the premier of last year Unlimited War after having earned more than $ 100 million (in North America) and $ 560 million globally. Only China contributed an incredible $ 329 million.

Triurni blockbuster towards the brothers Russianwhere they appear Robert Downey Jr., Chris HemsworthScarlett Johansson, Brie Larson, Josh Brolin and a little more of the other stars, is a final chapter of the story made by the studio Wonderful interlaced and continued through 22 films. In a more literal sense Conclusion Stay where you are media Last year it shocked the Endless War – with a catastrophic defeat Super heroes in a battle with an intergalactic malicious Thanosom. With the help of infinite stones with a galaxy of galaxy fingers, it has eliminated half of the living beings – that is, half of them Super heroes Marvel movie space.

Conclusion in the introductory act brings together survivors, but defeated heroes – these are among others Iron Man, Black Widow, and Hulk – who is looking for a way to kill Thanosa and repair the devastation he left behind. You'll be reviewing the movie in MMC-their Find the pages tomorrow.

The universe of the movie we entered in 2008 (with the first film about Iron Manu), so far has gained more than $ 19 billion in aggregate world total.

The euphoria is not just limited to the US: fans like this were waiting in La Paz for the first time. Photo: Reuters

"Maybe the best cast of film history"
"The conclusion brings a peak Marvel commitment to the public and the devotion of the fans to their loved ones Super hero"
it's for the magazine Variety commented media analyst Paul Dergarabedian. "This gigantic and historic premier has shown that Wonderful with the consistent production of good films and characters played by the cast of choice in the film's history, rewrote the rules of the film industry and incidentally entered the story. "

Enthusiastic review
Early reviewers supported the film almost with enthusiasm: on an aggregated site Rotten tomatoes currently holds a positive rating of 96%, the second best Marvelov achievement in history (close to 97% success black Panther). The Disney studio played 4,662 locations in the US, which is another record.

The conclusion, of course, does not represent the reputation of Marvel's film space, but he put the line under the first 22 films and the first story very rounded. Advertisement ad feedback

Is the most profitable year of all time waiting for us?
The conclusion also means a much needed increase in energy for the visit of the North American cinema, which was until the 24th. April as much as 16.7 percent download of last year's profit in the same period. Currently, the difference has been reduced to 13.3%. "Believers have proved that one of their supernatural abilities is also the denial of percentages of the annual deficit" he joked Dergarabedian. "The conclusion began the possibly more profitable summer (and year) in the history of the film industry."

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