The addict wanted to "clean" but suffered cardiac arrest


The culprit for heart failure following the ingestion of ibogaine is shared by the court's judgment.

Gregor Rotar, who attempted to treat ibogain addiction, and an unlicensed physician and researcher ibogain Roman Pashkulin they share the blame for heart failure while taking Ibogain and other drugs, the Ljubljana District Court ruled. Both have already appealed to the higher court, the media said.

Rotar required € 40,700 from Pashkulin for damaging the roots of a highly psychoactive African plant that, according to an alternative approach, would help in the treatment of drug dependence, stopped the heart.

Pashkulin claims he is not responsible for health complications since Rotar failed to comply with instructions and at the same time consumed cocaine, methadone and apaurine. According to experts, the combination of iboge and methadone for a medical complication in April 2009 was key.

Both error

Pashkulin has been ordered by the court to pay compensation amounting to 9,000 euros, while Rotar has to pay 5862 euros in legal costs, Delo said.

According to the court, Pashkulin would have to check when Rotar finally consumed methadone, instead of convincing the addict of the word, and at the same time explain better to Rotar that the ibo, which is not on the list of illicit substances, should not be consumed at the same time. same time as methadone. Pashkulin believes that the higher court will decide in his favor.


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