Superior court: SDS party instead of 20 thousand only fines of 4200 euros


The higher court partially upheld the appeal by SDS in the case of illegal loans from publisher Nova horizon and reduced the fine from EUR 20,000 to EUR 4,200, while Janez Janša, the party's chairman, went from EUR 2,000 to EUR 500.

According to the magazine daily the higher court partially upheld the complaint from SDS in the case of illegal loans to the publisher of the New Horizon. The action against the fine in the case of a loan Dijana Đujic the higher court has not yet decided.

The District Court of Ljubljana granted SDS € 20,000 in fines and Janša for € 2,000 for violations of the law on political parties. The SDS appealed to the court's decision.

Two issues were controversial – 450,000 euros were borrowed fromDijana Đujicand € 60,000 from New Horizons, for which the Court of Auditors filed two charges against the party in March last year.

Janez Janš, the party chairman, will pay € 500 instead of € 2,000.PHOTO: POP TV

In December 2017, SDS, at a two percent interest rate, contracted 450,000 euros in loans from Djujic from Prijedor to Republic of Srpska in favor of taxation in BiH. The amount was divided into three parts and the loan agreement was concluded for the period up to the end of 2019. The loan consisted of a stake in the Nova obzorja company, for which they decided to sell it in the party, explained the SDS president in a press conference in January last year. Janez Janša. The borrowed loan is after the Court of Audit found that it was a violation of the law, returned.


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