Storms with hail covered the country: in Prijedelj flooded elementary school and health center


In some parts of the country, hail storms appear again. These covered the area of ​​Dola, near Ljubljana, Trzin and Domzale, where the Home for the Elderly, Primary School and Health Center flooded. It also flooded Trzin, where a strong wind also discovered roofs.

Along the stretches of southern, central and northern Slovenia there were storms, which brought with them some of the hail in some places."Due to the considerable stock of potential convective energy (1000-2000 J / kg), stronger locally produced storms with floods and hail, which can reach 3 centimeters in diameter" also warns

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Toča was ransacked in Dol pri Ljubljani, Domzale, Trzinu and Zgoša pri Begunjih in Gorenjskem.

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Around 5 pm, a storm with strong winds, strong winds and hail was struck by Trzin. According to the Directorate of Protection and Rescue, several residential buildings, wineries and workshops were flooded. A strong wind, however, discovered a roof in a parking lot, a library and an outpatient. Firefighters from PGD Trzin and surrounding volunteer firefighting societies are mediators in the field.

At 16.37 hours Domzale covered the storm with a hail, the drivers stopped again under the overpass. Meteor water flooded several residential buildings, the House of the Elderly, the elementary school and the health center there, reports the Administration for Protection and Rescue. On the ground there are professional firefighters CZR Domžale and volunteer firefighters PGD Stob-Depala vas, Mesto Domžale, Ihan, Pšata-Dragomelj, Študa, Vir, Jarše -Rodica, Dob, Radomlje, Homec, Studenec, Rova and Žeje-Sveta Trojica. Remediation of the consequences is still ongoing.

Storm with hail in DomzalePHOTO: Reader

The Traffic Information Center informs drivers that, due to the flooded road on the Domžale – Kamnik road in Domžale, there is a complete underpass.

In the village of Kamnica, in Dol pri Ljubljani, about 16.39 hours of holes blew the glass from a house window, causing the meteor shower to enter the house. The consequences are eliminated by firefighters PGD Dolsko.

On Kajuhova Street, in Ljubljana, a strong wind broke the tree that hinders traffic on the road.

A tree fell in Kajuhova in LjubljanaPHOTO: Reader

At night the precipitation will stop

According to forecasts, the situation should moderate during the night, and precipitation should occur at night, will be clarified, predicts Arso. In addition, for tomorrow, they predict sunny weather in the morning, and in the afternoon, it will be overcast, storms will rise inland, which may continue in the northeast of the night.

We remember that in Kranj and Polhov Gradec there were interruptions in the pipeline yesterday, while many drivers stopped in the tunnels and viaducts in their desire for all the sheet metal.


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