Storms with hail covered the country, flooded elementary school and health center


Ljubljana – The storms of the municipalities of Ljubljana, Dol pri Ljubljani, Litiji, Moravče, and especially Domzale and Trzin were hit by storms and winds before 5 p.m., just before 5 p.m. So far, 41 events related to climate incidents have been registered by the Protection and Rescue Board. In 36 cases, meteor shower flooded the basement of buildings and in five cases was the wind.


Domzale at 4:37 p.m. covered a storm with hail, and the drivers stopped again under the viaducts. Meteor water flooded several residential buildings, a home for the elderly, a local elementary school and a health center.

The storm also awakened on Ljubljana, where, due to the strong wind, three trees fell on the road and prevented traffic. In one case, the tree was baked and removed by firefighters GB Ljubljana and, in two cases, by road workers in the company of roads.

At night you will calm down.

Local volunteer firefighters and firefighters Domzale professionals are sent to Domžale. Remediation of the consequences is still ongoing. According to forecasts, the situation should moderate during the night, and precipitation should occur at night, will be clarified, predicts Arso.


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