Thursday , June 17 2021

Sometimes it's snowing, some roads are already snowy

The highest snowfall in Gorenjska and Carinthia is expected to reach 15 centimeters of snow on the coast.

The northern part of the country has already experienced strong snowfalls, snowing in the direction of central Slovenia and the northern region of Primorska.

"Due to the heavy snowfall in Carinthia, Gorenjska and the Northern Primorska region, snow is already reaching the roads."

they advise the Traffic Information Center where they recommend that you travel on the road earlier than normal, drive carefully and adjust the direction for the road conditions.

In Ljubljana, the Hradecka basket is closed due to a traffic accident on the footbridge over the crossing of Grubar.

Locks and closed roads

Traffic jams occur on the Gorenjska motorway between Brnik and Ljubljana, on the Logatec highway – the Logatec motorway, on the Trzin-Ljubljana and Medvode-Ljubljana roads.

In the detour of Ljubljana there are congestions in the sections Kozarje, Koseze, Bežigrad, Malence, Bizovik, Zadobrova and Nove Jarše.

The Kranjska Gora – Vršič – Trenta road and the Vršič road are closed. Chains of Predel, Korensko sedlo, Ljubelj and Jezersko are required to use chains. On the road Slovenj Gradec – Velenje traffic is prohibited for trucks with more than 7.5 tons. The movement of trailers and semi – trailers is prohibited on the Ajdovščina – Col – Črni Vrh road.

On the way, obligatory with winter equipment

Dars warns you to take a trip early and just with the winter gear you need.

Austria, snow

New announcement


How's it going to be next week?

As it snows during peak morning traffic, Ars warns that driving conditions will be much more difficult and traffic will occur more slowly.

"In Postojna, driving conditions will also worsen"

see Ars.

"There will be no major problems in the afternoon."

Most snow in Gorenjska and Carinthia

According to Ars forecasts, between 5 and 20 inches of snow can occur in Gorenjska and Koroška, ​​while in Central Slovenia is between five and 15 inches of snow, while in the east is somewhat smaller.

"We expect the highest snow in the upper regions of Gorenjska and Notranjska, up to about 25 centimeters, and in Prekmurje only about five centimeters."

they write to Ars.

"In the snow, it will cool, but the temperature will not fall below freezing in the plains during the snowfall, so the snow will be wet, which does not favor the thicker snow cover. cause of the lowest temperature. "




It's going to fall half a meter of snow, where will it be?

Can we expect problems in a litany?

According to the STA, in the area of ​​the coastal highway, an average of 10 to 15 inches of snow may fall.

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