Šoltes and Erjavec play old shit in buckets & # 39;


The DeSUS party presented its list of candidates for the European elections. The head of the list is Igor Šoltes, who is also the current MEP. In doing so, Desus Karl Erjavec and Šoltes have confirmed that the old offenses associated with the case of the cannery are forgotten.

Therefore, the candidate for the DeSUS list is Igor Šoltes, while other names are assistants of MPE Vajgl Damjan StanonikExecutive Director of Slovenian Philanthropy Tereza Novak, retired from Hočč Zdenka Gajzer, pensioner and business owner of Izola Vitomir Mavric, head of the Quality Control Department at Lek Maja Sušec, the sales manager of the main customers of the Karst wine Peter Boršičand head of the housing sector at the Ministry of Environment Vesna Dragan.

DeSUS party champion Karl Erjavec he will not run for European elections. "For the time being I have not seen the challenge here since I am a member of the government and I am also acting as party chairman. I think I'm more needed at home.", he said.

Erjavec emphasized that they were well organized as a party and recalled that participation in the European elections was low. "I think this is an advantage for DeSUS, our voters go to the polls"he added, adding that he was confident that he would have a European MEP and that he would have"also has a good chance of occupying an important place in the European Parliament".

Igor Šoltes and Karl Erjavec also spoke about the fact that they had forgotten the offenses.PHOTO: POP TV

On 26 May, when the European elections in Slovenia, Šoltes awaits a difficult fight. "We have received a list of nobility and youth, including wisdom, humanity and professionalism. This is a guarantee that it is a credible list that will cover real topics,"said Soltes.

In the European Parliament, they want to acquire assets that provide social solidarity. "Also funds for the construction of homes for the elderly and funds for intergenerational cooperation. In this regard, it is necessary to address labor market issues, chaos and ensure a stable outlook for young people and stable pension funds,"He explained.

Ancient scams were thrown in the trash

Recall, in 2010, when the latter was led by Šoltes, Erjavec was removed from the post of Minister of Environment. Erjavec then resigned himself and commented on the resignation request in words that he could not care about "for each bucket separately in that country".

They have said that the offenses are forgotten. "If I express myself poetically, I would say that we throw away the offenses in the trash or in the buckets"added Šoltes, adding that there had been" significant cooperation in politics ".There are already too many cases in Slovenian politics where these offenses block decisions that are important to Slovenia and Europe."he explained.

Erjavec added: "In that regard, I felt no resentment. Because the players in the bets were very different. Šoltes only carried out his professional task,"He explained.


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