Slovenka Tjaša in the company of a Hollywood star


Part of the team from the second part of the action comedy "Kri mi mi" is also the Slovenian Tjaša Perko, stunt double of the famous Cvetkov family. Her work is full of adrenaline while she was able to do selfi with the bloody Ryan Reynolds during the hard filming.

Salma Hayek and Samuel L. Jackson while filming one of the scenes in Rovinj.PHOTO: Profimedia

In recent days, Rovinj was celebrated by Hollywood celebrities Samuel L. Jackson, Ryan ReynoldsinSalma Hayek, who began filming the second part of the action comedy Hide my back.

As we have already mentioned, a Slovenian stuntman will also be Tjaša Perko, the wife of a former professional skierRoka Perka.

Tjaša, who will be satisfied with the beautiful Mexican Salmi Hayek, 52, in the demanding action scenes, unfortunately will not be able to divulge details, since it is bound to the contract.

Tjaša, who uses the same temporary tattoo as Salma, took advantage of the pause while firing.PHOTO: Instagram

Their followers At Instagram, they always cheer up with an interesting backstage punch from the recording. This time the history of Instagram shared selfi with Ryan Reynoldsthat if we judge the recorded photo, he does not give up the script because he has to capture many bloody action scenes.

Tjaša and Ryan met with a selfie in a shoot.PHOTO: Instagram

The creators have already transferred the recording set to Trieste. The sites should be three, namely the main square, the port and the beautiful town of Miramare. Photos of Samuel L. Jackson from sunny Trieste captured the lens on arrival to the coastal city.

& Quot;In this beautiful Italian city, Trieste, today we will record some action actions with cars and other chaos", the 70-year-old star wrote under published photos of the Instagram.

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In the sequel to the film, Smaul L. Jackson returns as a paid killer, and his bodyguard is Ryan Reynoldson. Salma Hayek, who plays Jackson's wife, returns with a larger role. Morgan Freeman in Antonio Banderas you will bring a new wind to the story.


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