Slovenian orchids decorate Vatican Basilica, Pope thanked for flowers


On the great night of this year, the Slovenian specialist for floristics and horticulture decorated the altarpiece of St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican. This time, the orchids of the Dobrovnik Slovenian company used to decorate.

Specialist in Floristry and Horticulture Sabina Šegula in Peter Ribič Already on Friday he began working in the greenhouse of the Vatican Gardens, where they prepared arrangements for specially designed bases. They set up waterfalls and decorated them with cut flowers and vegetation. On Saturday, the project continued in the basilica and concluded with the help of colleagues against the night that could be Papa Francisco in the decorated basilica donated the mass.

Now its arrangement with four waterfalls and flowers already surrounds the Bernini columns of the altar in St. Peter's Basilica. For the arrangement, they used 160 cascades and 140 orchids of two colors in white, yellow and red. Orchids in the colors of the Vatican are worth 7000 euros.

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Dobrovnik orchid orchids have been used to decorate this year where they are proud that their flowers will decorate the basilica on such an important holiday.

In her Facebook profile, Sabina published some photographs after completing her work and wrote: "We honorably represent Slovenia."

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Pope Francis was blessed today by flowers from Holland and Slovenia.

Slovenian experts decorated the interior of the basilica fifteen times, but say that such a project in their profession is a great honor and, at the same time, an honor for Slovenia.

Besides the Dutch, the Slovenian florists at the Naklo Biotechnical Center are the only foreigners participating in a project of global proportions, which is monitored every year by one and a half billion people. The balconies of which the Pope gives the blessing to the urban etienne are adorned by the Dutch in the great night, for Christmas this honor belongs to them. While the Dutch are there for marketing incentives, since they represent their flowers, they are volunteers.

The holidays in the Vatican are the work of local horticulturists, the Slovenians began to cooperate with them at random, so the first visit and all the rest were provided by the Slovenian Embassy in the Holy See.


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