Slovenian fisherman 2,152, while Radin's company fines 14,790 euros


Slovenian fishermen continue to receive sanctions from the Croatian authorities for fishing in Piran Bay, while they also received the first judgments in Croatian courts. In one case, the court rejected the accusation against a Slovenian fisherman, while the legal entity was fined about 14,790 euros, while in the second case the fisherman was fined 2152 euros.

Slovenian fishermen continue to be penalized by the Croatian authorities because they cross the central line in Piran Bay and fish to the border as determined by the arbitral tribunal.

Starting in the new year, Slovenian fishermen received a total of 91 new sentences, all of which also complained, Pula's lawyer explained. Ivica Senjak, representing Slovenian fishermen in Croatia.

In the last 15 days, Croatian courts have handed down sentences in two cases involving Slovenian fishermen. In the case of a fisherman Silvana Radina the court rejected the charge and his family firm Zanestra was fined a total of 11 cases with a fine of 110,000 Kuna (about 14,790 euros). According to Senjak's observations, the complaint is lodged and is already being settled in the court of second instance in Zagreb.

Slovenian fishermen received the first judgments of the Croatian court.PHOTO: POP TV

The other fisherman Elvina Sabadina the court sanctioned eight crimes with a total fine of 16,000 kuna (2,152 euros). In this case Senjak has already filed a complaint.

Otherwise, according to the lawyer, at the end of this month, and in the first half of next year, there will be a series of petitions for five Slovenian fishermen. Senjak says further trials could take place in the second half of May, but he himself does not dare to announce the outcome of the trial.


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