Slivnik is getting closer to returning to Slovenian skiing


According to Austrian press reports, renowned and renowned Slovenian ski coach Janez Slivnik has officially concluded her job as the top man's Austrian slalom team for the World Cup at home and abroad. This opens the possibility that Slivnik, who was also the coach of Slovenian champion Tina Maze, returned to Slovenian downhill skiing.

Slivnik (pictured) with Tina Maze celebrated the first big hits before Črnjanko was taken over by Italian Andrea Massi.PHOTO: Damian Zibert

The Austrian Ski Association is for the Austrian Press Agency APAconfirmed that Janez Slivnikhe will no longer be the coach of the Austrian national team. Jobin dailythey reported in the intermediate editions on possible personnel changes in the Slovenian national team for downhill skiing. In the professional leadership of Slovenian skiers, they want the skier to win over Slivnik, who has been skiing in Slovenia for 13 years.

Finally, when he was in Slovenian skiing, he was also a champion coach Maze of teeth, who under his leadership won five World Cup victories and moved from the second largest giant slalom to the top of the world. He then worked with the Finns for eight years, and in the 2014/15 season he became coach of the Austrian men's giant slalom team, which has been training for the past five seasons. In the spring of 2014, he also talked about a possible return to Slovenia, but the federation was unable to provide funds.

There are thoughts that Slivnik will take the lead of the Slovenian women's team, in which they are at the forefront Meta Hrovat, Ana Bucik, Tina Robnikin Marusha Ferk, instead of the current coach of the women's team Denis Šteharnika. The most successful Slovenian alpine skier decided on the changes Ilka Stuhets, who at the end of the season agreed with the coach Gregor Koštomand kinesiology Angel Sesum.


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