Tuesday , July 27 2021

she carried a gun and he carried a broom

The days I can Urban Jazbinšek celebrated her seventh wedding anniversary, she is a singer and businesswoman Hajdi Korošec Jazbinšek posted a snapshot of his big day on instagram. As she revealed, the wedding was something special. The invitations were already like that, as they printed pictures of them holding a gun and him holding a broom. “The reactions were interesting and fun, we made a lot of people laugh,” she said in the video.

“I have participated in many wedding marathons that last all day. At night, when the party should have started, you are already completely exhausted, “said Hajdi. Their wedding started at 6pm and they had a very special themed party.

The wedding invitations were special. PHOTO: Instagram

“I thought a lot about which theme to choose, how to satisfy all tastes, both young and old were invited. We decided to make a disco, which normally everyone likes. ”There was a wedding cake in that style, and they wanted the bride and groom to dress like that. “A lot of them stuck to it, but it was funny when they got together at church for these tasks.”

The party with the DJ was a success, and each guest won a CD of disco hits.

Disco Wedding by Heidi and Urban. PHOTO: Instagram

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