Seat is convinced that with Tarraco they introduce more temperament and dynamism – Tehnovodje


Matjaž Ropret

April 1, 2019 at 1:11 p.m.

the Seat brand has already been sporty. In part, it still remains, but rather
in this branch of the Volkswagen Group has changed its path and most of the races
the performance of its projects was highlighted in the Cupra submarket. At the heart of the offer, SUVs,
which should differ from other models also related, by temperament,
style and, last but not least, the dynamics of the roads. With this attribute, it goes to
also sells the new Tarraco.

For the car he had after the Catalan city of Tarragona (Tarraco told him in the time of the Romans), there is no secret from where it originated. He is the brother of Škoda Kodiaq and Volkswagnoveg Tiguana Allspace. They measure us in about a second, but this is cosmetic at the expense of a different shock, otherwise it appears exactly in the same class and brings similar usability. Of course, it is significantly larger than the other two SUVs, Aaron and Ateca. The 4,735-m length offers enough space for seven seats – the latter two are of course optional – or up to 760 liters of luggage in a five-seater configuration. Outside, the Tarraco is quite impressive, on the one hand, but on the other hand it is more compact than Kodiaq, as it seems to have devoted more time and attention to design. In particular, the nose and back are at least more complicated if not overly imaginative. Inside, however, everything is very airy with good materials, but it does not feel like it would be a huge car. Not even on the road.

Seat argues that the difference is more noticeable when driving compared to
Czech bears To confirm this, more than a few kilometers will be required to travel
Kodiaq is by no means confused with its height and weight. So it's Tarraco
closer to the caravan than the van and the two-liter 110-kW (150 hp) diesel is clean
choice. It also has a stronger power (140 kW and 190 hp), which is
Available exclusively in combination with 4Drive four-wheel drive and
DSG automatic seven-speed. The said diesel input is possible
also comes with a six-speed manual transmission and front-wheel drive.
But there is also a 4Drive / DSG version. In no case is 4Drive available
DSG, or at the gas station. There is a 1.5 liter TSI with 110 kilowatts
and a manual gearbox, and the two-liter TSI produces 140 kW,
4Drive and DSG. And a higher level of Xcellence equipment. The promises are still connected
hybrid, but at the end of next year.

size would not make much sense without exemplary flexibility and
spatiality. In the second row there is a seat, but the backrest can be stacked after
40:20:40 system or in other words – the middle part folds and opens specifically
hole, but two can still sit normally. The levers for this breakdown are
in the trunk. The seat also moves forward and backward by approximately 15 cm, but
in a ratio of 60:40. If the sixth and seventh seats are installed, there remain 230 l of the luggage compartment.
as much as in a Twingo. The luggage door can open
electrically and with a leg swing under the car.

The initial price of € 28,000 (1.5 TSI Style) may not work very low, but includes the first of two levels of equipment, many of which come from LED lights, keyless entry, cruise control and automatic stop with track recognition pedestrian and bicycle for the whole range of equipment. screens. In the middle, it is in any case an 8-inch screen, but in the style-free navigation device and camera viewfinder, and before the driver's "digital combined instrument", the classic Tarraco meters are no longer familiar. In addition to the enrichment of the central display, the Xcellence comes equipped with three-way automatic air conditioning, radar cruise control, improved active safety, keyless entry and electric tailgate opening and 19-inch (instead of 17-inch) . The maximum of 20 inches is approved. It can be added for additional assistance, which helps you move in the crowd or perform certain things before the accident (Pre-Crash Assist) or even Rollover Assist. In the first case, tighten the straps, close the windows, prepare safety bags and activate the guides, activate the emergency call in the other, turn off the engine, ventilate and activate the side airbags. Without these useful Xcellence equipment, only three modern trifles are missing. Update of maps for navigation (113 euros), charging of wireless telephone (190 euros) and digital radio receiver DAB + (190 euros). At least for the latter, one should hear that this year should become the standard equipment of all new places in Slovenia.

In the long run, Tarraco will probably be replaced by the Alhambra, who, however, remains in the offering for at least another year and tells him that he addresses other clients. The newcomer should attract young people and people with a more active lifestyle. It is also very likely that everything is happening in the direction of the domination of the SUV and the closure of the U-turners. Simona Mavsar, director of Slovenia's headquarters, says the canary will sell 250 Tarracov this year, but could reach a further 100 if there are no production restrictions.


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