Samsung has introduced three new load-bearing devices for a balanced and interconnected lifestyle


The galaxy of chargeable devices is richer in three stylish, stylish devices that make it easier to work and contribute to a better feel – Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Buds.

Today, Samsung Electronics has changed its latest Galaxy-enabled devices: Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Fit / Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Buds – smart watch, smart sports bracelet and wireless headphones for all lifestyles. Samsung-compatible devices will make it easier for you to reach your goals if you want to live a balanced life or seek additional motivation.

"Users are increasingly putting their overall well-being at the center of their lifestyle choices and looking for portable devices that facilitate an active and balanced life," said DJ Koh, president and chief executive officer of IT and mobile communications for Samsung Electronics. "Everyone has their own way of achieving their goals. We are pleased to be able to introduce our new mobile devices that integrate seamlessly into your life and complement your personal journey to wellness."

Galaxy Watch Active: Interlocking Your Style with Sport

The Galaxy Watch Active, which is as smart as a handsome device, is designed for fashion users who want to live a healthier everyday life. The Galaxy Watch Active with superior features comparable to the Galaxy Watch, has a new slim, lightweight and versatile design that will make it easier to keep your lifestyle balanced. Attractive and minimalist design is easy to use. Choose an elegant and sporty ribbon in different colors that match your unique style.

Daily well-being is more than just tracking exercises. Galaxy Watch Active offers a comprehensive approach to track everything that is most important to you. The Galaxy Watch Active, which in addition to exercising, also monitors your sleep, stress and health, is an ideal companion for anyone who wants a healthy body and mind. It connects the Galaxy Heritage with enhanced functions for exercise and wellness.

  • Peace of mind every day: Stress management is less stressful with a stress tracker in Galaxy Watch Active. Breathing exercises can be performed directly through the device, so you can calm down. Stress control leads to long-term health.
  • Follow-up of the Body Exercise: Choose your workout and start. It's so simple. Galaxy Watch Active automatically detects your exercise regardless of whether you are running, cycling or performing a dynamic exercise. You can manually activate more than 39 activities, set daily goals, and monitor your progress.

Galaxy Watch Active enriches your lifestyle and extends your connected experience with seamless integration with the Galaxy ecosystem. The Galaxy Watch Active is compatible with Android and iOS, offers real-time advice, outdoor exercise tracking as well as gymnastics, and includes popular applications from other vendors – including Under Armor, Spotify and Strava. Galaxy Watch Active can be voice controlled and used with Bixby's voice capabilities that allow you to make and send messages without using your phone.

Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit e: Fitness for Every Day

Designed for all professional and amateur sports enthusiasts, Glaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit support an active lifestyle. The sleek and lightweight Galaxy Fit and the Galaxy Fit 2 are easy to match fashionable styles and are comfortable in everyday use.

The sleek and stylish Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit offer intuitive and easy tracking to help you reach your goals. The Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit will automatically begin to follow their activities when walking, running, cycling, rowing, using a room bike or starting a general dynamic exercise. You can also manually select from more than 90 different activities in Samsung Health on your smartphone, and Galaxy Fit / Galaxy Fit will automatically follow the selected training. Plus, with improved sleep analysis and intelligent stress management, you can monitor your well-being at any time of the day.

Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit are thanks to a simple and intuitive user interface and an intelligent user-friendly experience, easy to use just about anywhere. Receive alerts and messages or use information synchronized directly with your smartphone, such as alarm clock, calendar and weather forecast. When traveling to another time zone, Galaxy Fit will automatically display a double clock, which will make it easier to manage your schedule. Both devices are waterproof (5 ATM[1]), so you can use them in the shower or in the pool.

Galaxy Buds: Your Daily Companion

Galaxy Buds are the best wireless headphones for users who want a seamless, integrated experience on the go. With its unique design, easy operation, clear and smart sound and compact size, your best everyday companion.

Galaxy Buds offers a superior listening experience with AKG sound. Enhanced surround sound lets you hear clearly what's around you, and you're aware that you're turning on or listening to your favorite music. A custom dual microphone uses an internal microphone and an external microphone on each headphone so your voice is clear in quiet, loud environments.

The Galaxy Buds is in touch with you all day, the battery offers up to 6 hours of Bluetooth connectivity and up to 5 hours of telephony. The included headset is charged up to 7 extra hours[2] with a charge rate of 1.7 hours of battery charge at 15 minutes. With wireless charging and wireless sharing of devices between devices, you can also charge the headphones with the Samsung S10, S10 + and S10e, the latest smartphones from Samsung.

The Galaxy Buds can connect to the Samsung Bixby, which is available on all newer mobile devices. You can activate your smart interface without using your phone. Just use your voice to make calls, send messages or check the battery life of your headphones.

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[1] The Galaxy Watch Active / Galaxy Fit / Galaxy Fit is ISO 22810: 2010 certified for clocks for 5 ATM ratings up to 50 meters under certain conditions of pressure, duration, speed and temperature. The devices are safe when walking in the rain or shower and can also be used in shallow water, such as swimming in the pool or in the sea. Galaxy Fit / Galaxy Fit / Galaxy Fit should not be used for diving, water skiing or other activities involving sudden changes in temperature and water activities at high speed. After use in sea water, the device should be rinsed and dried.

[2] The compact charging bag extends the battery life for 13 hours of music playback and 11 hours of telephony.


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