Salmonella was found in chicken steaks



During the regular annual sampling program, the presence of salmonella was detected in the sample of "gourmet chicken sausages with noisy seeds" produced by Perutnina Ptuj. The steaks are collected, customers can return them to the place of purchase. In case of proper heat treatment and correct handling, there is no danger to health.

Chicken steaks. The image is symbolic.PHOTO: Dreamstime

The Board of Food Safety, Veterinary and Plant Protection (UVHVVR) has announced the recall of "Gourmet Chicken Steak with Noisy Seeds" produced by Perutnina Ptuj. It is a 600 gram package with a shelf life of March 19, 2019. The lot is 1201608670.

A sample of the meat preparation was taken within the annual sampling program, and the analysis confirmed the presence of salmonella. The food was so inadequate.

The manufacturer has started the process of withdrawing food from the market, it is still on the UVHVVR website. They advise consumers to return the food to the place of purchase.

While food poses no risk to consumer health, with proper heat treatment and proper handling, they add.


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