Sales of Abanka: in Levica, they will decide to stop cooperation with the government


According to forecasts, Abanka will sign a contract today. It is supposed to be about half a billion euros. Meanwhile, the sale of the last state-owned bank hit the resistance of Levice. Luka Mesec does not see sense in cooperation with the government. The party council will decide on this in July.

You are in the press release Luka Moon I said yes "The government did not try to stop the forced privatization process. Not once did Marjan Sarar as Prime Minister call the government as the SDH assembly to intervene in the sales procedures that were exasperated by the European Commission." The month was also critical of the government's failure to respond to Abanka's sale.

In his words, the party also estimates that the government "towing right". Among other things, it also suggests a proposal for a new tax reform.

According to his chief coordinator, the party is dissatisfied with the government. As he said, they expressed the desire to carry out four projects, which were defined in the coalition agreement, but none of the four projects were implemented. "In particular, this is an amendment to the Health Care Act article, by which we want to prevent privatization of health from within, by harmonizing the minimum hourly rate with a minimum wage, organizing real estate mediation and transferring DUTB apartments to the Housing Fund of RS " he listed.

"Immediately, I will give the leftist party the decision to decide on the significance of the leftist party's involvement in the government." said the moon. The party council will decide on this in July.

The amount of Abanka's sales is about half a billion euros

Both parties interested in the target sales plan, New KBM and Hungarian bank OTP, offered between 450 and 500 million euros. According to our data, the final amount is about half a billion euros, which is both above expectations and evaluations.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Slovenian state holding company (SDH) Karmen Dietner on Wednesday said that "if we add up all the receivables sold by DUTB to the purchase price", hopes that they will reach or exceed state aid. The restoration deposit is Abanka in the current picture – after the intervention of the State, Abanka Vipa and Banka Celje merged – reaching 781 million euros.

Dietner also said that the state has given no guarantee to the buyer selected for the possible negative consequences of the processes related to the rehabilitation of the bank.

Luka Mesec will talk about the possible political consequences of the sale of Abanka.PHOTO: Bobo

According to SDH management, more will be known after the signing of the sales contract, while the possible consequences for Levice's participation in the coalition government may also become apparent. Levica strongly opposed the sale of Abanka and NLB, which was the result of Slovenia's commitments in exchange for State aid granted to both banks at the end of 2013.

Luka Moon said on Wednesday that, according to his belief, Slovenia's damaging sales to Abanka led to government downtime under the leadership Marjan Sarac in this area, although he promised in the fall last fall that he would try to save Abanka before the sale. When asked about possible political consequences, he just replied that more will be known today.


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