Ronaldo after the break from Juventus: Mom, I do not do miracles


One of football's most hungry laurels is Cristiano Ronaldo. He and Juventus, whom he crossed last summer, were keen to appear in the Champions League final, which will be played on June 1 at Wanda in Madrid. But it did not work. In the quarter-finals, his plans (despite two goals) were overtaken by Ajax footballers and they prepared a new big surprise. Ronaldo reached all five goals at Juventus in extraordinary attacks.

Cristiano Ronaldo after defeating Juventus in Turin against Ajax (1: 2), which consequently meant the failure of the Old Lady of the Champions League, did not want to see the camera and the media. However, fellow Portuguese journalists from the microphone managed to get Ronald's mother, Dolores Aveiro. "He was not lucky and whoever won, he deserved the victory, Cristiano was sad, of course, he wanted to play in the Champions League final, but he would have to wait. He was sad, but he told me:" Mom, I do not I'm working miracles. this is the truth " said Mother Dolores in a conversation with the Portuguese SportTV.

"It's good for him in the Italian league, but in the Champions League he lost a bit of luck. We can not do anything, life goes on" added Dolores Aveiro, faithful companion of the children's games. In the next round of the Italian Serie A, Juventus could cheer the new title of the national champion, quickly putting the patch on the wound after a break from the Champions League.

In Italy, the news today is that Ronaldo will not complete the contract with Juventus in full (he has until the summer of 2022), but should only play another season in the shirt of the Old Lady, according to today's issue. La Repubblica. Ronaldo was the great protagonist of Juventus in the extraordinary fight of the Champions League. He lost all five goals of Juventus but he did not have the help of his team mates, that he and Torinčane were left in the semifinals.


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