Roman Leljak will no longer be at work with luxury Teslo


After a month ago we discovered that the newly appointed mayor of Radenci, Roman Leljak, was transferred to work with the new Tesla luxury car and wondered how a man whose debt is twice as large as the municipal budget, it's a luxury car. can afford, she leaked information to the public that Leljak The Society for the History of Car History is selling now.

Tesla, directed by Roman Leljak.PHOTO: POP TV

Colleagues journalists of the portal Saturday.infWhen browsing a website specializing in car sales, they found an ad for the Gray Teslo S 85. This ad was seen the same day that Leljak wrote on his Facebook profile that he sells Teslo. For 2014, the car has priced 39,000 euros. From your Facebook registration, it can be seen that the vehicle can not be bought in cash, but the purchase price must be transferred to the transaction account.

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Leljak told 24UR bulletins that the car was bought by his partner in the History History Society due to the fact that he should spend thousands of euros a month on the cost of gasoline. "Given that we have huge travel costs in terms of fuel, we received this vehicle for € 46,000 in financing, our monthly commitments are significantly lower than if we had a car that we would have to pay" more than a month ago, Leljak said. He also explained that, with new, mostly economical cars, he traveled several times a month on his official trips to Zagreb, Sarajevo and Belgrade, where he is researching for the Slovenian and Croatian Society of History of History as an archivist and archivist.

The Tesla was bought together in the leasing, almost three-quarters of the deposit, amounting to more than nine thousand euros, was paid by the Croats.

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