Recognized commentator and analyst: Luka is a rookie of the year and a point


While the NBA is currently focused on the finals and championship title contention in the world's strongest basketball league, many connoisseurs still grapple with the question of who will become the newcomer of the year. Some are convinced that this will be a close decision between Luka Doncic and Traee Young, others will not …

Luka Dončićis such a talent and a player who appears in the NBA league every ten years or more is convinced by the renowned commentator of the ESPN television company and basketball analyst at SportsCenter, Stephen A. Smith. For him, there is no doubt that the Slovenian basketball gem for this year's show, in which he defended the colors of the Dallas Mavericks, deserves the prestigious award. ROTY, which is awarded to the best newcomer of the year. Although at the end of the season, the basketball parquets beyond the Atlantic shone Bring young, in the eyes of Smith, the winner is only one. It is interesting, however, that the basketball players who have been selected by the counter-franchises are fighting for the prestigious award. Atlanta was collected by Luko while Younga was Dallas, but immediately there was a change. The rest is history, they say.

"Bring Young is a special talent, there is no doubt about it," he said. "I do not regret having chosen him, and I do not think so." But I have no doubts. At the beginning of the season, when the games were important, he did what he was doing, and he did it for most of the season, his numbers are better than Younga's, and Luke did it when Dallas was still struggling for something. he had a lot of problems to start so he settled in and it was very good at the end of the season. " Smith said on his talk show. who is convinced the two basketball players will be at the top of the world's strongest basketball league for the next ten years.

According to a recognized American analyst and analyst, Luka Dončić deserves a rookie award of the year.PHOTO: AP

"It brings a little bit worse for a newcomer of the year, so he deserves a high score." He is the rising star of the NBA and in the next few years we will certainly see Traee Young's big words. making him a rookie of the year. " Undoubtedly Luka Doncic, who showed this early in the season, showed this midway through the season and showed that to some extent until the end of the season Luka constantly did incredible things in major matches and not in unimportant matches. At the end of the season, as Young did, Luka Doncic is the newcomer to the NBA. crushing Smith, who did not hide that he was a big fan of Ljubljanaman, 20, who, after a troubled season in which he did not qualify, continued to visit his old friends in Madrid before leaving for a well deserved vacation.

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