Prepackaged Potions: "The list of additives does not end"


ZPS examined prepackaged vases on the shelves of Slovenian stores. The results are interesting.

Domestic potato pea, just as it was prepared by your prababice, you will find it very difficult to find on the shelves of Slovenia, says the Consumers' Union of Slovenia. If you want a pot without any additives, you are waiting to read the statements, since these tips are the exception rather than the rule, they say.

At ZPS, 10 walnut pots were examined – two were free of dried grapes and one was vegan. "Some have a rich and interesting list of ingredients" they consolidated their findings. The vessels examined contain 40 to 60 percent filler, from nine to 28 percent walnuts.

The recipe of Slovenian poetry, which is protected by the traditional specialty logo, is the closest to Mercator, a Slovene poetry, found in ZPS. Contains flour, nuts, milk, sugar, butter, raisins, eggs, yeast, rum, cinnamon, salt and aroma.

In addition, the list of ingredients from other pots examined usually starts with white wheat flour, which means it is more in the product. They are followed by nuts, sugar, water, fat and numerous ingredients of milk and egg, additives and aromas, continue to ZPS.

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Butter in just one product

As for fat, they note that butter is used only with the Mercator product, Slovenian barley, and some with vegetable fats still in the product Taste of Tradition, the nut barley produced by Žito. Other potions contain only vegetable fats, especially sunflower and rapeseed oil, and coconut and palm oil. "The substitution of butter for vegetable fats certainly affects the lower price of the inputs, while offering better technological properties in the preparation of potassics and greater persistence." they are sure of the ZPS.

In the Kovačič confectionery product, walnut has partially hydrogenated vegetable fats, which means that there is a high probability that some harmful trans fatty acids are present in the product.

With the Slovenian product, Postojna's Vopex bakery pot is the first ingredient in the water list, which was rather surprising for testers. That means there is more water in the product.

In the pot, we usually want more fillings. Producers in the pans indicate that they contain between 40 and 60 percent filler, but this does not reflect the actual amount of nuts. The pots examined contained between nine and 28 percent of the nuts, pointing to the ZPS.

pehtran potica | Author: Manca Borko

Manca Borko

"Home" contains a long list of additives

The ingredients that are almost certainly avoided by home cooking are scents and many additives that have been added to most of the pots in the form of emulsifiers, acid regulators and flour treatment, preservatives and dyes. Totally free of additives is only Mercator, a Slovenian poem that contains only aroma.

On the other hand, with the only stimulus, called "homemade", the list of additives does not end. The domestic walnut pot contains citric acid, calcium phosphate, acetic acid, ascorbic acid, potassium sorbate, sorbic acid, sulfur dioxide, soy lecithin, mono and diglycerides of fatty acids and carotenes.

The potions are a real energy bomb because they contain about 370 kilocalories per 100 grams, and at the light of food, orange or even red light, for saturated fat fats, lights up. They also contain a good amount of sugar. "The colors at the traffic lights confirm that potica is a dessert that is not for the day-to-day enjoyment, but of course we can buy a piece at a vacation opportunity." are summarized in relation to consumers.


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As of January, Slovenian poetry is only after this recipe

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