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Police have dealt with several cases of brave robbery and robbery

In the area of ​​police authorities in Ljubljana and Nova Gorica, police officers dealt with various cases of brawls and robberies. The police advise citizens to take basic self-protection measures into account. In case of robbery theft, let them call the police immediately.

On Friday, Ljubljana PU cops dealt with four brave robberies. In Vič, a man entered the shop and left with electric scooters. An unknown woman brought the woman from the neighborhood of Ljubljana into the house, stealing money and jewelry. In Grosuplje, a man was injured by the injured party, that his pajdaš could enter the apartment through an unlocked garage and dispose of his money, PU Ljubljana informed.

On the outskirts of Ljubljana, police found a couple who carried out a brazen robbery. About 50-year-old woman entered the apartment through an unlocked door and stole money before the victim was able to stop her, but the woman was sitting in a parked car where a man was already waiting. Police were tracked down the main road toward Turjak. Both suspects from Kocevje's house detained and ordered the arrest. Police suspect the couple have committed similar robberies.

At the end of the week, police officers dealt with several robberies.PHOTO: iStock

On Saturday, however, Idrija police officers dealt with a robbery in an uninhabited apartment in Ravne pri Cerknem. A stranger took his bike from Tomos and picked up the last bike. On Saturday, a stranger broke into an uninhabited house in the Vojsko area and stole a copper spray from the fruit, the Nova Gorica police station said.

On Saturday, police also invaded a house in Trnovo, from where he could receive money. In Vrtojba, a stranger invaded a house, from which he did not steal anything.

In more recent cases, the police again warn citizens to take basic self-protection measures into account: in the case of theft and executed robberies, they advise wounded persons to call immediately the nearest police station or police intervention number 113; anonymous phone police 080 1200. No arrival or arrival of police officers should be received or moved by possible damage or destruction of traces that may lead to the discovery of the aggressor.

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