Pique retreated to the blades: "He's a great defender but he does not know much about the law"



After Gerard Pique said in Clasico that "if Madrid TVs were less engaged in VAR and more with unfair trials of arrested politicians, the country could have been better," said LaLieg President Javier Tebas and said: Gerard is a good football player, an excellent center back, but he does not know much about the law. "

Pique is a great defender of Catalan independence.PHOTO: AP

"There are no politicians trapped in this country but people who want to commit a crime of rebellion and therefore are judged" Thebes explained. "I insist, a great football player, a great businessman, but a bad lawyer. " Once again, stressed President LaLige. Pique concentrated his words on closed old policies that planned the independence of Catalonia, and then the Spanish authorities accused the state of rebellion.

Thebes, one of the strongest football leagues in Europe, has confirmed that it is true that he is invited to both the Premier League and the Italian Serie A. As he said, he is happy in Spain. "I am very happy that they want me everywhere, some say that these are maneuvers that I want to increase my salary, but this is not the case. Thebes explained.


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