Fantek weighed just 268 grams when he was born in the 24th week of pregnancy after he allegedly stopped growing in the womb. After five months at the hospital, it has risen to 3238 grams and is eating normally, according to Keio University Hospital.

"I can only say that I'm glad he grew up so much because I was not sure he would survive." said the baby's mother.

Doctor Takeshi Arimitsu, who used to treat premature babies, said that today it is possible for children to leave the hospital, although they are born very small.

At the hospital, the boy assumed that the boy set a record for the youngest infant, who was physically dropped out of the hospital. Earlier, the tape recorder was a boy from Germany who had 274 grams in 2009. Even the smallest girl was born in Germany, which weighed 252 grams at the birth of the year 2015.

the youngest infant 1

Keio University Hospital

Now it weighs more than three pounds.

In the case of premature babies, girls have a higher chance of survival than boys. Experts still are not sure why this happens. The survival rate is thought to be associated with the development of lungs, which develop in children more slowly.