Passengers on the plane sang the music of Oliver Dragojević



Croatian musician Nina Badrić published a video on her Instagram, which was created during the flight from Dubrovnik to Zagreb, where she and Olivier Dragojević sang with Oliver Dragojević "My lips andjele".

Croatian Musician Nina BadricA few hours ago, she posted a video on her Instagram, where she immensely enjoyed a very nice flight from Dubrovnik to Zagreb. The 46th anniversary is with Alan Bjelinski in Before ice she sang the song of the late musician on the plane Oliver Dragojević, with the title "My angel lips& # 39 ;, and they joined numerous passengers who were visibly pleased and smiling while singing the legendary song.

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The Badric video was accompanied by a message:A completely normal flight to Zagreb … Without stopping without Oliver."Croatian musician Lana Jurčević In visions and sounds she wrote:How nice,& # 39; & # 39 ;, Actor of 46 years Goran Visnjic He admitted in a comment that the clip was a dawn. The video has seen nearly 80,000 people, and all commentators have praised and expressed their enthusiasm and admiration.


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