On Saturday, a great Saturday afternoon blesses traditional dishes, evening solemn vigil


On the great Sabbath, before the feast of the great night, Christians remember the dead Jesus in the tomb, and the believers on this day bring the blessing of the Passover meal. There will be solemn vigils in the churches at night. The Slovenian bishops will take them to cathedrals and Pope Francis to St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.

The great Sabbath, which is part of the three-day Easter, is in the Catholic Church the day of daily worship of Jesus in the tomb, where they were symbolically transferred to Great Friday, which is why believers usually visit their tomb in the churches on this day. Early in the morning, the priests bless the fire and water of the Passover, with which the believers tear and sprinkle their homes.

The day before the great Sabbath, the preparations are made for the Passover meal, each of them bearing its symbolism.PHOTO: AP

On Saturday, the blessings of Easter meals are held throughout the day, including the most common bread, pork, ham and radish. Each of the dishes has its own symbolism. The bread symbolizes the goodness of God and the work of man, the flesh of the body of Jesus, the wounds of Jesus and the nails of radish.

The Archbishop of Ljubljana, Stanislav Zore, will lead the vigil at 8 pm at Ljubljana Cathedral, while the archbishop of Maribor Alojzij Cvikl will be at the Cathedral of Maribor. Pope Francis will lead the Easter Eagles in the Vatican Basilica of St. Peter's at 8:30 p.m.

Evangelists fill Easter on a day of Mass Saturday. They also prepare meals for breakfast on Easter Sunday, but they do not bless them. They do not have a liturgy on Saturdays.

In Catholic churches, Easter vigils will be held at night. Bishops and priests will deliver baptisms, communion and dignity to the catechumens who were preparing for the sacraments. The resurrection of Jesus from the dead or the Passover will announce the solemn alleles. In Jesus' day, the day began with the setting sun of the day before, so that Sunday began already on Saturday nights.

Breaking Dawn on Easter Letter: Faith Lives From Meeting

Vera lives from the meeting, the archbishop of Ljubljana pointed out in the Easter letter Stanislav Zore and continued: "To all who seek the truth, I sincerely hope that in the celebration of this year of the great night of Jesus, they will experience the joy of knowing you." He added that he should salute the salutation: Christ has risen. He really stood up.

Archbishop of Ljubljana Metropolitan Stanislav ZorePHOTO: AljoĊĦa Kravanja

As the archbishop wrote, the faith of the people who are born in him will rise from this meeting and will be given to the life with which he can give nothing in this world. The encounter with Jesus is a step forward. Magdalen's mother, to his disciples, to his brothers, he said.

He also mentioned Easter morning when he was Maria Magdalena She arrived early at Jesus' tomb and found that it was empty. "Peter and John discovered the bonds with which they buried the body of Jesus for burial and pruning that covered his face" he continued.

Mary then heard his name, uttered by a voice she knew so well. She stepped away from the grave and believed. Jesus stood before her. Encounters with the Risen Jesus also awakened faith in other disciples, he added.

Also the bishop of Novo Mesto Andrej Glavan in the Epistle of Easter, Christians, especially sick and suffering, and greetings to all people of good will have blessed the Easter holidays."Jesus lives and promises eternal life for us, so we celebrate with joy" he said.

The warning of the empty tomb and the resurrection of Jesus are, in his opinion, the most important news of all human history.


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