Saturday , October 23 2021

Now you can test the new Microsoft Edge with Chromium!


The new Microsoft Edge Web browser with Chromium is currently very promising!The new Microsoft Edge Web browser with Chromium is currently very promising!

If you are up to date with the course online browsers, you are certainly aware that it is a company Microsoft at the end of last year, officially confirmed that it is preparing a completely new Edge Browser, based on the Chromium unit, used inter alia in Google Chrome, Opera, Vivialdi and more. Microsoft, because of its compatibility with Internet Explorer, will maintain compatibility with the newcomer, but this should not affect the new features of the new Edge browser. The new unit with new features will be introduced gradually in the Edge Web browser and will be available only for Windows 10 users.

If you're curious about how the new Microsoft Edge Web browser with the Chromium unit works in practice, you can already test it as an initial trial version. This is available for download at, and although it is not intended for everyday use, it is stable enough that we can browse the web without any eternal problems. Among the many options that the novelty brings, it is mainly to highlight the possibility to log in to the browser using the Microsoft user account, and extensions are available on the Microsoft Store portal. The default site is the Bing Search Engine, while the news is displayed in the Microsoft News Web service, which is understandable because the Edge browser is a Microsoft product.

One of the key benefits of Microsoft's Edge Web browser with Chromium is that it is available for download as a standalone product. In practice, this means that anyone using Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system will be able to install it freely.

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